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Comment Wil pay to watch (Score 1) 75

I've always been a multiplayer man myself with just about two decades of history fighting people in Quake and StarCraft. While bots work reasonably well with single player games, multiplayer is a different matter. We're yet to be presented with a real AI in a game. They all cheat. My point is I will pay money to watch e-sports where AI and humans fight on equal terms and we have no idea who is going to win. and how. my money is on the korean pro

Comment Basic coordination only, dev says (Score 1) 147

"If you have the basic coordination to play a shooter, you can experience all Destiny has to offer," Bungie co-founder Jason Jones explained.

Pretty much says it all - not going to be much of a game, unless you regard interactive movies as gaming experience. And books? Hah.. give a brake. No doubt this bs is going to make them a lot of coin, though. Good for them.

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