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Comment Re:Well, he's not afraid his company might fire hi (Score 1) 486

Or do you prefer the current system, where instead of paying a little extra in your insurance bill to assist in getting all of "those" folks pre-treatment, or preventative care and counseling, instead you pay a huge amount in property taxes each year to treat them as emergencies in your local county hospital? You DO realize that you pay for it either way, right?

Agreed, except that the property tax will not be lowered if we don't need the money to pay for emergency room visits. The money will just be repurposed by the local government. I would like to repurpose it to paying off debt and saving for future expenses for my household. Selfish, I know.

Comment Re:Bezos needs to grow up (Score 1) 623

Correction.. this is a subsidy for all consumers all over the world. What do you think will happen when the US/Amazon comes to an agreement. How long do you think it will be before Canada requires it (which already imposes a flat tax on media because it COULD be used in a nefarious means), or Great Britain, or Japan, or any other location that wants its slice of the pie. Its a slippery slope that ultimately just means internet commerce will die.

I just assumed that other countries already required Amazon to collect taxes on purchases (VAT anyone?). I would be very happy to find out that this is not the case. In either case, your argument is valid, though. Higher costs for US operations will be spread across all the business units and the price of everything will go up to compensate.

Comment Re:Bezos needs to grow up (Score 1) 623

How about an internet surtax of, say, 5% on top of any state tax? Or a flat internet tax of 15%? It's past time that internet businesses need government handouts to survive, especially Amazon. And we who are watching teachers, nurses, fire and police - or other vital local services - being laid off or threatening to stop pensions because tax revenues are falling are demanding that businesses who don't need subsidies not get subsidies.

You do realize that Amazon wouldn't be paying sales tax, right? Amazon's customers would be the ones paying the tax. This would just require Amazon to collect the sales tax, which would effectively increase the price of every one of its products and increase overhead to stay on top of sales tax laws in all 50 states. Requiring Amazon to collect state sales tax would make shopping online more expensive for everyone involved.

This isn't a subsidy for Amazon, it's a subsidy for consumers all over the US.

Comment Headline Edit (Score 4, Informative) 268

LastPass Pasword Service may have been Hacked.

This is a good story, but the story isn't that they were definitely hacked. It's entirely possible that the anomalous data transfers they mentioned were caused by internal testing and not properly documented, based on the limited information we have available.

Here is a transcript wherein Steve Gibson talks at length about why LastPass is secure.

Comment Re:One key to rule them all... (Score 4, Informative) 268

Consolidated password management works, as long as YOU maintain 100% control. Use Truecrypt locally for securing your password file. Sync the encrypted file to the cloud of you want an "online" backup.

LastPass is basically the exact same thing. It's encrypted locally and sent to them AFTER encryption. They don't store the plaintext passwords. The danger is the same either way if a user doesn't use a strong enough password.

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