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Comment Re:Vote or Die (Score 1) 836

Continuing for parent:
If party X gets a low digit amount of votes(lets say 3%), then the next time there is a close election that could be decided by those votes, both the main parties might grab some of party X's stands to get a few more votes.
And the main parties hopefully don't grab some of the batshit insane stances.


Submission + - New Vecebot Trojan Targets Anti-Communist Bloggers (threatpost.com)

chicksdaddy writes: Threatpost is reporting that a new family of Trojan Horse programs is being used to stifle political opposition to the Communist Party in Vietnam, according to an analysis by researchers at SecureWorks. The Trojan, dubbed Vecebot, is a new family of malware and has been linked to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against bloggers who have written critically of the ruling Communist Party and Chinese mining operations in the country, SecureWorks said.

Comment Splitting a botnet. (Score 1) 61

Couldn't it be possible to have a botnet upgrade into different versions, allowing it to split?

Virus writer releases virus A and sets up control server A.
Botnet A gets large, and the writer is worried about authorities, so he sets up servers B and C, as well as writing two updates.
Botnet A gets update B or update C from control server A.
The update installs the new virus and removes the old one.
Botnet B gets large, virus writter sets up servers D and F.
Process continues.

If it's split before the AVs pay any considerable attention(or if you split enough to confuse them), a writer could write a fast spreading botnet, without having to worry about it getting too large.

I would imagine that setting up new servers and updates might be a hassle though.

Submission + - Amazon Prohibits Associates From Using All Pay-Per (amazon.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon Inc, has privately contacted Associates that Amazon will withold all earnings from Associates that bid on any generic words on sites such as Google.

Amazon claims that Associates bidding on generic words such as "books", "literature", "poultry", "widget" , etc, are violating Amazon's Associate Agreement, because it might match with phrases like "Amazon widget" or "Amazon poultry".

Associates who bid on any PPC terms will have their complete earnings withheld, and their accounts closed.

Unfortunately, Associates who publicly state that it happened, will have their accounts closed and all earnings withheld. Amazon makes slight changes to each email so they can track anyone who posts the email publically, and to make it difficult to find other Associates who complain publically about the issue.

Submission + - E-voting machine votes 100% wrong (newbernsj.com)

steveha writes: The New Bern, NC Sun Journal newspaper reports that some local voters have seen the e-voting machine record the exact opposite of the voter's request. There is a button to vote a straight Republican ticket, and when pushed, it voted a straight Democrat ticket. A local voter observed this behavior four times in a row; the fifth time, the button worked correctly. If ATMs were this unreliable, no bank would use them. Why is this level of failure acceptable in voting machines?
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - powerbook and streaming video

An anonymous reader writes: I have an old PowerBook and I thought it would work well for streaming internet video on my TV. How would you set it up so that it works well with simple input devices (i.e. smart phone, wireless mouse) and has a slim operating system that doesn't tax the system too much?

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