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Comment No (Score 1) 1081

Pure democracies destroy themselves in short order because people are, for the most part, foolish. The USA walks a perilous path as it is, one it will probably not ultimately survive, but switching to a pure democracy will only hasten our downfall. The federal government is an attempt to find a balanced middle ground between tyranny and democracy, neither of which is desirable. Anyone who does not understand this (1) needs an education, and (2) is exhibit #1 for why democracy is a really bad idea.

The federal government is first and foremost a government of states, not people.

Comment Useless (Score 1) 240

It would just be another popularity contest and a target for astroturfing. In the end it would be no more accurate than the stories it purports to fact-check. Can you imagine the cottage industry it would spawn? For only $9.95 we guarantee to increase the fact-rating rating of your page by 100%! Or we can reduce the rating of any page of your choice! Fact-checking is just a method of manipulation. It lulls the unwary into not thinking for themselves, and it insults everyone's intelligence. We need less punditry, not more. If anyone does implement this, I hope they also add a button to disable or hide it, because it would be very annoying.

Comment Re:No we can keep working instead (Score 1) 917

Who owns the restaurant? Do they work for free too? Seems like a scheme for the rich "haves" to employ an unlimited pool of poor "have-nots" for free, allowing them to get richer while the poor stay poor on a fixed income.

What is going to entice those restaurant workers to actually work? If they can get their UBI check only in exchange for work, then it's not UBI, it's communism: everyone works for the government and the government contracts out its workforce to capitalist owners, or assigns them as desired. But that can't be, as the whole premise of UBI is that there are not enough jobs to go around; the purpose of UBI is to provide for those that cannot work. So work becomes voluntary as people compete for the privilege of working. But who is going to volunteer to do the dirty jobs?

Seems like you want UBI + wages. You get your UBI automatically just because you're alive, but workers still get paid wages. Get fired, no wages. That incentivizes work, spreads the wealth out from the owners who don't get to just keep all the profits for free, while still supporting those who are unable to work. Only the best will be employed, and wages will mean more since they are pure profit -- UBI covers your cost of living. On the other hand wages can be very low since they are gravy, still letting the fat cats make obscene profits, and since it is an employer's market they can exploit workers with long hours and mistreatment. After all, there is a long line of others willing to endure the abuse in exchange for an extra buck or two.

This looks very dystopian no matter how I slice it.

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