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Comment Re:Cuffed and then tasered... (Score 1) 1819

Looking at one of the videos I believe he got tasered because he wasn't letting them put the cuffs on:

2:45 - He gets put on his stomach and the officers try to pull his hands together behind his back (one officer per arm it appears)
2:51 - Right before they put the cuffs on he starts moving and yelling "Why are they arresting me"
3:00 - He starts flailing his arms around yelling "Get the F off me" and one of the officers says "Tase him"
3:08 - Taser used and shortly after the cuffs were placed on him

It does take a lot of effort even with multiple people to cuff someone who does not want to be...

Oh and aside from all this I think they should have simply thrown him out of the auditorium. But if you are getting arrested regardless whether its right or not you don't struggle like that.

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