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Comment Re:"exactitude" (Score 1) 88

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Whether native speakers or non-native speakers, it'd be nice if people learned some grammar of the language they're going to use, before working as authors on a site such as slashdot.

try again

Comment Re:"exactitude" (Score 1) 88

Meanwhile, I wonder about the editor "manishs", and what their native language may be. Closing the story with "The Tiangong 2, while is an experimental space station, is still operational."

"while is an experimental" and "is still operational" is supposed to mean what?

And the sentence "The astronauts that would come on board next month are to spend a full month up there" ...

Verb modality? Use of commas?

Comment Re:Control (Score 1) 693

Ah, these Anonymous Cowards...

The only thing that "native" Americans suffered from is uncontrolled immigration and an increase in diversity.

I would suggest that you get some information about that particular genocide. For example, David Cesarani, a Jewish-English historian who specialised in the Holocaust, stated that according to his studies "in terms of the sheer numbers killed, the Native American Genocide exceeds that of the Holocaust".

Comment Re:Control (Score 2) 693

What about wanting to control a country's destiny without having to cater to some other country a thousand miles away?

Or the same people wanting control half of the world, as many other imperial powers have done through millennia?

Or, looking at some other random place, having the continent where you live taken over by invaders (such as it happened to natives in the Americas), and those same invaders subsequently claim that it was "destiny" for that to happen?

It's a sad, sad world where human egoism prevails so much.

Comment Re: shorts (Score 1) 480

I see... so why should one have to wear anything at all?

If I were to decide to go to work wearing just my hat and a pair of sneakers, why shouldn't I be allowed to do so?

Is showing one's behind or one's front bad taste? Or why else is it banned?

Who decided that --as outer garment-- shorts and XXL T-shirts are OK at work, but tight speedos are not OK at work?

Why are man allowed to run on the street in shorts only, barechested, but women aren't?

(at least that's what I've observed in most anglophone countries... other places around the world seem to have other, quite varying, rules)

Comment Re: shorts (Score 1) 480

It' funny (but it's slashdot after all) how a comment ends up being exaggerated with wild misinterpretations such as "hate", "fainting", ... almost like in a Bernd episode: Funny also how so many people don't realize that men wearing shorts are simply considered as in poor taste - in most of the world (but don't talk about that on /. -- the world outside anglophone countries may be too complex a concept to consider). Not to mention the even funnier idea that would have an average pair of shorts being any better for warm weather than summer/light cotton calanques-style pants.

Comment Re:just change the name from "pizza" to anything e (Score 1) 214

I wish... I have yet to find one... I tried in Chicago, NYC, San Diego, Indianapolis, Portland, Atlanta, etc. not to mention in many small towns, while avoiding any chains and fastfood pizza places. Some of them were interesting, a few were quite good, but they weren't at all close to the real thing.

Very few restaurants baked them in a wood-fired oven (a necessary but not sufficient condition), pretty much none of them used real mozzarella (as in mozzarella), most of them added extra ingredients etc, etc.
But if anyone has any specific suggestions for finding real pizza in Northamerica, i.e. places / names / addresses, I'd welcome them!

PS: I don't like using wikipedia so much, but they got some of the explanation OK on this, e.g.:
the real thing: "pizza types" vs. "...quite a large number of regional forms of pizza, many bearing only a casual resemblance to the Italian original".

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