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Comment Re:More SNP Bollocks (Score 3, Informative) 69

Um...the Scottish government has no debt, it wasn't allowed to get any until the last Scotland bill (even then it is very constrained), the only debt it ,arguably, has is the PFI crap that the labour signed up to. The EU has not said no to an independent Scotland joining (even spain has not said that). What happened to the price of oil (now climbing again) can hardly be blamed on the SNP.

Oh as for the healthier scotland crap...why are the unionist parties and friends doing all they can to block minimum pricing of booze?

But facts never get in the way of a good yoon rant.

Comment Re:Kinda ok, kinda not (Score 1) 143

They will be sending the letter to the person who's name appears on the bill. If your that person and didn't do it, the point is for you to have words with the person doing it or have the name changed on the bill to thiers. Basically it's saying "Hey your name is being associated with dodgy activity, you might want to stop this, but over to you about what you do."

Comment So glad there is no UK wide NHS (Score 1) 108

Only applies to NHS England as there is no UK NHS, and never has been, for those confused (mostly in better together), the Scottish NHS is septate and always has been :-D. Thank god(dess) for our septate legal system. Out of interest does this mean all the UK police forces can have a nose about NHS England’s records?

Comment All the same (Score 1) 564

The problem is MS current ad campiagn that pushes windows everywhere. This does not help the hardware bods, they can get stuff free (android) rather than paying MS. This does not help MS with an OS that sucks on anything other than a touch machine. MS is ignoring it;s corp customers, It thinks it can get off with it, and it will for now (one release of the OS) but is now on trial with the corps who are now concered about ms's comitment to them. I work in a SME (the core market for MS) and we are likely to nuke our last MS server and machine when XP support ends. Apple in some places and linux everywhere else. They play well with each other.

Comment Re:So Near, Yet So far (Score 1) 222

I finally dropped Linux after 15+ years because I got sick and tired of constantly trying to keep things updated and doing my own system integration.

Erm...ever herd of apt,yum,etc?

What version of linux were you using...LVS or slackware, really you must be one of the few people on the planet that has a problem with linux due to packet management ever herd of a package manager.

Even base debian, hell gentoo, looks after the system intergration side if you use the package manager rather than tar balls.

Comment 81% I think if I'm strict (Score 1) 222

Work: fedora/centos, totally open source other than the inhouse apps/scripts...That is what drops my percentage the most.

Home: debian and me android phone (used to have a n900 until some git broke in and nicked it, best geek phone ever) which does a few rarely used close source apps.

Not counting inhouse apps I would be about 98% open source.

But I am almost zero on ms except for the one MS server I have to maintain that gets looked at when it falls over at work.

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