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Comment RFID? (Score 1) 338

It's amusing that people whine about RFID, but go around wearing bluetooth headsets or running with Bluetooth sensors, while carrying cellphones, that operate on wifi radios where wifi points are available.

You were tracked long before RFID came out, and nothing bad has happened. :)

Comment Re:I love how this happens. (Score 1) 210

Except there are cases, now , where Firefox will install an extension.. and when OSs install extensions specific to their own things. I've seen adblock and other extensions installed by default in various installations that are rolled out.

End users do not perceive a difference when the functionality is always there, nor do they need to.

I do not see a difference between a feature apple supplied and one that I would have installed at the end of the day. The end result is precisely the same.

Comment I don't get it.. (Score 1, Troll) 571

I don't understand why everyone's mad at the US.

The US is doing what their law says to do. They have an extradition treaty with the UK. Therefore, they requested extradition.

REQUESTED extradition. They didn't "demand" it. They didn't "order" the UK to. They didn't send in CIA commandos to kidnap the 43 year old hacker and bring him back on a C130 in the dead of night.

They asked.

The UK's response was, "Why sure, here you go! We don't want to prosecute this case here."

I cannot contemplate why the people from the UK who are angry at the US are angry at the US. It's YOUR country that's selling out a citizen of your country. It's YOUR country that, instead of saying "No, US. We're going to follow our extradition treaty and elect to prosecute here" that handed this man over.

Your country has the ability to prosecute him in the UK. They can do it. They chose not to. Don't blame my country for requesting extradition of a criminal. If your countryman was really an innocent aspie, your country should stand up for him.

Jeeze. Grow a pair. Everyone bitches about the US , all the time, and sure, we have some problems here.. but instead of whining about OUR problems, perhaps you should ask your OWN GOVERNMENT why they're selling out their citizens.

Let us in the States try to make our country better. You work on your own damn country.. cause it's no land of plenty.

I assure you of this, though. If the situation was reversed.. THIS country, the US, wouldn't be so quick to sell out its citizens.

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