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Facebook Blocks KDE Photo App, Deletes Users' Pics 262

Znarl writes with a report from Joe Brockmeier, who writes that: "KDE users have gotten a rather unpleasant surprise from Facebook: Not only is the site blocking KDE apps like Gwenview from uploading, the social media giant has also taken down photos uploaded with the KDE plugins. Yet another reason that users might think twice before depending on Facebook for photo storage."
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Google Italy Execs Convicted Over YouTube Bullying Video 391

FTWinston writes "Three Italian Google executives have been convicted of privacy violations in Italy over the contents of a YouTube video showing a boy with Downs syndrome being bullied — despite the fact that the video was removed as soon as it was brought to their attention, and that Google assisted the authorities in locating those who posted it. Prosecutors argued that Google should have sought the consent of all parties involved with the video before allowing it to go online. Quite how they were meant to achieve this is another matter." Google has responded by saying this is a Serious threat to the web.

Comment The kids might enjoy VPython (Score 5, Informative) 145

Since you have a strong interest in visualizations of physics phenomena, and you're already teaching your nieces and nephews how to write Python, I'd like to suggest that you check out VPython, which is a series of 3D extensions to Python. In particular I think you'll be intrigued by these examples which visualize everything from wave superposition, to magnetic fields, to concepts from relativity. For immediate gratification, the author of that examples page also has Wiimote integration, so you can bridge interest that your relatives might have in video games into an interactive experience in your physics environment.

Good luck!


On the Feasibility of Single-Server MMOs 316

GameSetWatch takes a look at the issues involved in creating an MMO that does not split its users among many different servers. They suggest that running a single "shard" is the next step in the evolution of MMOs, since it better allows player choices to have a meaningful impact on the game world; supporting different outcomes across multiple shards is a technical nightmare. They estimate, from the hip, that the cost to develop the technology required to support a massive amount of players (i.e. far more than EVE Online) on a single server to be roughly $100 million. Another recommendation is the strong reliance on procedural and user-generated content creation to fill a necessarily enormous game world.

Comment Re:idiots (Score 2, Informative) 195

I also used to work with this "hair trigger IT moron" at the university where we both got our top-tier Computer Science degrees. Hands down, he is brilliant. I have seen him at his best, which includes: writing an entire network registration software suite for use at large institutions, diagnosing bizarro network problems, and managing network security issues. It is rather unfortunate that he was quoted as saying he was confident that it wasn't a Cisco-related problem. While that ended up not being the case, I have no doubt in my mind that he had reasonable cause to think so originally. I have always seen Kevin as a rising star, and I am confident that he will continue to do great things.

Submission + - Delphi for PHP Released

Lou writes: Delphi for PHP, a complete PHP RAD tool for developing PHP web applications has been released by CodeGear ( the Developer Tools Group subsidiary of Borland). The tool only runs on the Windows XP/2000/2003 platform, but allows developer to target multiple platforms. The tool looks similar to its Delphi and C++ developer studio, only it generates pure PHP code. Bravo Codegear on your first new product. Supports several databases including MySQL and includes the VCL components library for PHP (over 50 useable controls), which will be managed as an Open Source project. Developing web applications has now become easier. Link to Announcement: http://www.codegear.com/AboutUs/News/DelphiForPHPN owAvailable/tabid/251/Default.aspx
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Submission + - Best Buy acquires Speakeasy

magneticstorm writes: "It looks like the folks from Best Buy have acquired the geek-centric ISP Speakeasy, in order to roll it into their Best Buy for Business subsidiary. Is this the end of Speakeasy, or just the beginning? Will they continue to uphold the reputation Speakeasy set for itself, or will it descend into mediocrity, not unlike Best Buy's Geek Squad?"

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