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Submission + - Birdman boots alternate recovery on DroidX! (alldroid.org)

rainabba writes: Aside from rooting the DroidX (which was also done by Birdman), getting a custom recovery running is the next most important step in being able to flash custom roms. As of 6am GMT-7, Birdman and accomplished exactly that. It will take another day or 2 to polish the recovery and process to a point where it's viable for the average Android "hacker", but this should lead to Froyo on the DroidX, and who knows what else. It also PROVES that eFuse means little to us and Motorola has failed to prevent the "tampering" of their devices just as every other manufacturer has.

More info at: http://tiny.cc/BirdmanAltRecoveryOnDX

For updates, follow http://twitter.com/alldroid


Comment Support for Linux, Air, and Android Apps? (Score 1) 536

I think that the most interesting part of it is that it supports Linux, Adobe Air and Android apps all on the same operating system.

What kind of compatibility layer are they using? Is it a custom Linux distro with some android compatibility built in, or is it Android and they figured out how to run X11 apps?

Big Dipper "Star" Actually a Sextuplet System 88

Theosis sends word that an astronomer at the University of Rochester and his colleagues have made the surprise discovery that Alcor, one of the brightest stars in the Big Dipper, is actually two stars; and it is apparently gravitationally bound to the four-star Mizar system, making the whole group a sextuplet. This would make the Mizar-Alcor sextuplet the second-nearest such system known. The discovery is especially surprising because Alcor is one of the most studied stars in the sky. The Mizar-Alcor system has been involved in many "firsts" in the history of astronomy: "Benedetto Castelli, Galileo's protege and collaborator, first observed with a telescope that Mizar was not a single star in 1617, and Galileo observed it a week after hearing about this from Castelli, and noted it in his notebooks... Those two stars, called Mizar A and Mizar B, together with Alcor, in 1857 became the first binary stars ever photographed through a telescope. In 1890, Mizar A was discovered to itself be a binary, being the first binary to be discovered using spectroscopy. In 1908, spectroscopy revealed that Mizar B was also a pair of stars, making the group the first-known quintuple star system."
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux installfests maturing? (blogspot.com)

christian.einfeldt writes: "Linux installfests apparently are expanding from an emphasis on serving individual users to mass network installs serving non-profits and schools. In the past, installfests have often been held as part of Linux User Group meetings, and involved individual new computer users bringing their computers to a small meeting to have Linux installed on their machines. But now there is an apparent trend visible in Linux installfests toward mass network installs supported by greater corporate or municipal involvement in Linux installfests. In many cases, the newly-installed Linux computers are being given to end user institutions such as schools. For example, a recent installfest in Austin, Texas, was put on by two non-profits and was supported by the personal participation of upper management at AMD and nFusion. The majority of the eighty-three machines were PXE-booted and mass-installed at that event over an ad hoc network. Likewise, at last year's LinuxWorld expo in San Francisco, 350 Linux computers were mass-installed over a similar PXE network in a mass installfest put on in a partnership between the non-profit Alameda County Computer Resource Center and the for-profit Untangle and IDG firms. The machines were donated to San Francisco Bay Area schools. Similar installfests have been held in Chile and India, to name just a few."

Comment Used by Youtube (Score 3, Insightful) 133

When I was researching creating my own video upload site I contacted On2 for information about licensing their flash video encoder. They claimed that "All major user submitted flash websites used their encoder", I assumed they were hinting at YouTube. Knowing this, an acquisition seems like a smart decision.

They're already buying the milk. Might as well just pay for the cow.

Submission + - Amazon uses DMCA to restrict ebook puchases (mobileread.com)

InlawBiker writes: "Today, Amazon invoked the DMCA to force removal of a python script and instructions from the mobileread web site. The script is used to identify the Kindle's internal ID number, which can be used to enable non-Amazon purchased books to work on the Kindle. "...this week we received a DMCA take-down notice from Amazon requesting the removal of the tool kindlepid.py and instructions for it. Although we never hosted this tool (contrary to their claim), nor believe that this tool is used to remove technological measures (contrary to their claim), we decided, due to the vagueness of the DMCA law and our intention to remain in good relation with Amazon, to voluntarily follow their request and remove links and detailed instructions related to it." Ironically, the purpose of the script is to make the Kindle more useful to its users."

Submission + - Amazon issues DMCA to remove Kindle PID Script (mobileread.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon has issued a DMCA takedown notice to MobileRead for it's posting of a python script that determines a Kindle's PID based on it's serial number.

kindlepid.py is a small Python script allowing you to derive a Mobipocket-compatible personal identifier (PID) for your Kindle reader. This PID in itself has nothing at all to do with reading any copyrighted content. It is only used to make legitimate e-book purchases at stores other than Amazon's.

Since the script enables book purchases for the Kindle at sites other than Amazon, is Amazon trying to build an eBook monopoly?


Submission + - How do I record my memories for the future?

magister159 writes: "I'm 23 years old. I've always been a little absent minded. I can't remember most people's birthdays, phone numbers, etc. I've gotten around this problem by using computers to store all the important information. But lately, I've been starting to worry about forgetting memories from my past. I'm not so concerned about my day-to-day working, as that all seems to blend together, but things like family vacations, childhood friends, grade school, etc. It always seems like I'm struggling to remember things that happened in the past. Even as far back as 5-7 years ago. I'm worried that I'm going to turn 40, and not remember the important things.

So I've decided to try to record all of my memories into electronic format to help me remember and reference as I age. This is probably going to get very large, and contain a lot of information that I'd like to keep organized. This isn't going to be like a daily journal, but a place to hold all of the things worth remembering.

It has to have at least the following:
  • Open access and portability. I plan on keeping this for a while. I can't be locked into a specific format that will be obsolete in a few years.
  • Availability. If I'm walking down the street, I want to be able to jot down something that popped into my head quickly.
  • Security. This is probably going to contain a lot of personal information. Names of people, embarrassments, etc. I don't want the whole world to know about every aspect of my life.

So there I am. My fist though was a simple document, but that will get messy very quickly. Besides, this isn't going to be entered like a story, but a collection of facts. I'm leaning toward a wiki. It should be easy to organize and should be pretty portable. I want it to be online, but not available to everyone. I don't know if Mediawiki has that ability. I'd also have to find a host I trust, and keep it paid up and make sure I do backups. I want redundancy so I don't loose all of this if my HD crashes.

What is the best way to achieve what I'm trying to do?"

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