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Comment To reenergize an old programmer? (Score 1) 360

Follow this recipe: Grandma's Good old grandpa vivificator.

    * A cup of boiling water
    * Two soupspoons of dark-black colombian Cofee
    * one leaf of Phanax Ginseng
    * One leaf of Gincko-Biloba
    * A small piece of cinnamon
    * Three drops of lemon juice
    * One spoon of Honey

    Add all the ingredients in the boiling water except the lemon drops and the honey, wait 3 minutes an then strain the mix, add the lemon drops and honey and drink while is warm(not so hot)

Comment Welcome to Starbugs (Score 1) 705

Here in the year 2147 we have lose the battle against the insects. They eat our corn, our oats, and every thing we plant. After years of fighting them with pesticides, they have been developed resistance to every chemical we use. So, now we take another approach, now they have become out main source of food. We "plant" and "harvest" spiders, grashoppers, cochineals, and another selected insects.

With this big change, new franchises emerged... enter Starbugs the proteic-delicious beverage franchise.

Using advanced techniques(aka "big shoes") we extract the proteic juices from selected species of healthy and nutritive insects, adding some colorant, flavor and our "secret recipe" we have developed one of the most succesfull insect-based business in the world.

Delight your mouth and energize your body with this delicious and higly proteic beverages: Spider Blend, Grashopper tea, and our higly demanded cochineal special.

A new opening very soon in your city!


Submission + - AMD drops support for HD2xxx, HD3xxx and HD4xxx Series. (

magikfingerz writes: "It looks like AMD is dropping support for his infamous HD 2000 series, but, in the way, they are also dropping support from HD3xxx and HD4xxx series. Worst 2 parts: 1.- This cards (HD3xxx and HD4xxx) are still selling to this day and 2.- This move will only affect Linux Users(I'm one of them and this is an offense)"

Comment Interesting patents acquired (Score 1) 129

From this related article it looks like MS has acquired this interesting patents:

Patent No. 6854085, which covers technology to fill out forms on Web pages automatically.

Patent No. 5657390, for the technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), now called Transport Layer Security (TLS), which sets up an encrypted communication channel between browsers and the Web servers they connect to.

Patent No. 7478142, a technique for packaging applications that are delivered over a network and run inside a Web browser.

Patent No 5774670, which governs how Web servers and browsers can cooperate to preserve "state" information.

Closely related is the broader Patent No. 5826242, which concerns the use of ability of a Web browser communicate about state with a Web server using HTTP, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol on which the Web is built.

With this patents in MS hands... what could possibly go wrong?

Submission + - TED talks: The Danger of Science Denial (

T Murphy writes: Michael Specter, who writes for the New Yorker, talks at TED about the recent growing fear and rejection of science. He touches on vaccines, genetically modified foods and alternative medicines and his experience from writing about them.

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