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Comment Re:IMHO (Score 1) 203

For people like us, yes, scifi is at-home reading, but a lot of children aren't as inspired as we apparently were. They don't read on their own unless there's an incentive. If a teacher gets a kid to read a book, especially the first part in a series, it may inspire that kid to keep reading the series on their own. Maybe after they've finished that series, they can pick up another one and be hooked for life. If they never have an incentive to pick up that first book, though, you will never know what the kid would have done. Let them get a few bonus points for reading entertaining scifi. If it's enough to get a kid reading, it's worth it.

Comment Re:Here's a few (Score 1) 614

Before Mythbusters, people thought of science as boring. Some nerdy guy with glasses and a white lab coat looking at some complex thing setup on a table and marking notes on paper. Boy, what kid WOULDN'T want to get in on THAT action! Man, I bet that guy gets all the chicks.

Enter Mythbusters. It's not great science, but it's helping change society's idea of what science is. When science is fun and exciting, it's a lot easier to catch the attention of children and bring more people into the field.

Scientific discovery and use of the scientific method may be beautiful, but it's dull. Nobody will watch a show where the premise is as boring to the average person as real science. With Mythbusters, I know I'm probably getting an explosion out of it, America is entertained by what they consider science, and I'm ok with that.

Comment Re:Holy crap, two people that are perfect together (Score 1) 238

No, I don't think she would. Cud-chewing cows tend to freeze under any sort of stressful situation, such as having their own work to do, and they ask for help from others so that they may maintain their cud-chewing way of life. Anything above and beyond their normal day completely destroys the cow's ability to do anything at all. As sad as it is, there's this whole group of people who are completely helpless outside their little cage. Hand them a crisis and they'll fall apart.

Comment Re:actual signal strength (Score 1) 534

People have already looked at it from a geeky point of view. The biggest problem there is that Joe Retard knows nothing about cell phones or signal numbers. If you tried to explain it, he would still be confused by the fact he can still make calls when he has a negative signal. The bars indicator lets the average idiot understand they're in a bad signal area and can expect a call to not go through or to drop. More bars = more gooder. That's easy enough for them to grasp, and they don't care what witchcraft determines what's a 3 bar signal and what's a 4 bar signal.

Remember, Apple's having to explain to everybody, not just the curious or technical elite. It's like one of us trying to explain to someone why the 25 browser toolbars they have slows their internet to a crawl. More bars on your internet is bad, more bars on your cell phone is good.

Comment Re:How is this possible? (Score 1) 572

No, no, no, no, no!
A thousand times, NO!
If something is bricked, that means broked forever. If you brick something, you have to send it off to have internals replaced, not to have some tech stick in a CD and magically fix it. If you have the hardware and knowledge to replace the internals yourself, it's still bricked until you replace the internals.

Feed Rugged xTablet T8600 tablet PC handles barcode, magnetic stripe reading (

Filed under: Tablet PCs

Joining the curious workhorse UMPC / tablet PC arena is the xTablet T8600, which boasts about its ruggedness, barcode scanning, and magnetic stripe reading abilities that it handles when not checking your email and making dinner reservations on the go. Furthermore, the unique design allows for a backlit numeric keypad and directional arrows to be installed beside the 8.4-inch SVGA display, and internally, you'll find a 1.1GHz Intel Centrino processor, up to 1.28GB of DDR2 RAM, a "dual digitizer / touchscreen standard," integrated 802.11a/b/g, shock-mounted 40GB hard drive, optional EV-DO / EDGE / GPRS / GSM, Bluetooth, a nine-pin serial port, and a Li-ion battery that can reportedly keep things running for "up to seven hours." To account for all the beatings it'll presumably endure, it sports military-grade water-, dust-, and shock-proof characteristics, and can also operate at extreme temperatures. Hope you aren't too excited, though, as there's no word just yet regarding pricing or future availability.

[Via PCLaunches]

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Submission + - RadView Adopts Open Source

Rami Goraly writes: "RadView Launches World's First Commercial-Grade Open Source Internet Performance Testing Product into $1 Billion Market WebLOAD, created by the co-founder of Mercury Interactive and backed by 1,600 commercial deployments and 250 engineering years, adopts GPL SAN RAMON, Calif., April 11, 2007. RadView Software Ltd. (OTCBB: RDVWF), today launched WebLOAD Open Source, the world's first commercial-grade open source Internet performance testing solution. RadView will now focus on products that are based on open source to offer customers a solid alternative to high-cost proprietary performance testing solutions that are often too difficult to implement and lack the flexibility to properly meet customer needs. WebLOAD Open Source, licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 2, is based on WebLOAD, the company's flagship product that is already deployed at 1,600 sites. Immediately available for free download and use, WebLOAD is a commercial-grade open source project with more than 250 engineering years of product development. "Current proprietary solutions are too costly and too inflexible, prohibiting developers from tackling performance issues correctly," said Ilan Kinreich chief strategist of RadView and a co-founder of Mercury Interactive. "RadView's open source approach will foster innovation, expand the use of performance testing, provide the foundation for an open source testing ecosystem, and help to define testing standards. Ultimately, open source testing tools will be the key catalyst to improve the quality of Internet applications." "RadView is embracing an open source approach for building, marketing and selling software," said Yochai Hacohen, RadView CEO. "The power of the open source ecosystem, will make WebLOAD a better product, reduce time to market and increase WebLOAD's reach, enabling WebLOAD to become the de facto standard for performance testing of Internet applications." RadView supports and distributes WebLOAD under a commercial open source business model. WebLOAD Open Source is a fully functional, commercial-grade performance testing product that is and will always be freely available. Companies that require commercial support, additional productivity features and compatibility with third-party protocols have the option of purchasing WebLOAD Professional directly from RadView. About RadView RadView Software Ltd. (OTCBB: RDVWF), is a commercial open source company that develops, supports, and sells WebLOAD, the world's leading commercial-grade open source performance testing solution. Deployed at over 1,600 customers and built with 250 engineering years, WebLOAD improves the Internet experience for everyone by helping developers build high quality Internet applications. More information on WebLOAD Open Source is available at Commercial customers seeking support, additional productivity features and compatibility with third-party protocols should visit or call 1-888-RADVIEW Media Contacts Page One PR for RadView William Peterson"

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