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Comment I hate to say this... (Score 1) 542

I really hate to say this, but it could technically work.

In the original matrix movies, the matrix and zion kept getting rebuild and they were already on their 6th generation or something.

So this could be the generation after

That said, I still think they shouldn't do it.

Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 1) 203

"Appeal to authority" is a logical fallacy. But pointing to a logical fallacy and using that as the sole reason to say that an argument is wrong is itself a fallacy: the "fallacy fallacy".

My own opinion here is that Linus is right. It's close to midnight, so I don't feel like backing that up with anything

Comment Re:dream on (Score 2) 155

middle of Wisconsin?

That might be half your problem. Still, I see where you're coming from. On the other side of that, many technical schools are just degree mills. Lots of candidates come out of technical schools that look good on paper and then when you hire them, it's like they never attended a day of class or learned anything. I think companies have gotten burned there, which really sucks for the students that come out that are good, and it sucks for the technical schools that are good because now 'technical school' has a stigma.

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