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Comment Re:Not new.... (Score 4, Informative) 161

While there are idiots in every establishment you work for, Geek Squad is not inundated with them. I worked for them while in school and some of the guys took a lot of pride in their work. They have some good tools and training at their disposal. The front Geek Squad guys are the "customer techs" which focus more on selling and checking machines in and out. The smarter guys linger in the back and are known as advanced repair agents. Those are the ones manually removing malware when scans don't get it all, fixing boot issues, upgrading hardware, etc. Sure, requiring A+ would help immensely with getting rid of all the idiots, but some stores run a great crew.

Comment Let's see what it really costs and what you get (Score 2) 21

Considering some cable companies offer bundles of TV, Internet, and Phone for ~$60 a month, I see $25-40 as a tough sell. For $60 and having the web plus close to 100 channels, I don't see the benefit of having to buy a box and rely on streaming for only specific channels. Plus, I love using my TiVo commercial skip feature. No ads on most major shows. I do like more competition though. Hopefully Google offers something good for the masses.

Comment It is somewhat misleading though... (Score 2) 377

Edge saves power on a few benchmarks but not across the board. Throwing out an arbitrary number of "x" percent could be saved by switching will confuse all the family members that call, asking if they should switch. On the other end, Windows 10 is their own product. They can kind of do whatever they want, and we can decide if we use them or not.

Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 510

Posts like this are constantly make me question if I should keep returning to this site. Seriously? What parent wouldn't want their kids to be able to hear things if they have the financial means to do so? Who cares if a culture is killed off because we are enabling people to hear/hear again. Should we complain about eliminating wheel-chair marathons because we helped people walk again? Let's just boast about how technology is improving the quality of life instead of focusing on small and insignificant rubbish.

Submission + - FCC orders Comcast to stop charging customers for equipment as service fees (

An anonymous reader writes: The FCC denied an appeal by Comcast, which argued that its practice of charging customers separately for a DTA (digital terminal adapter) â" a converter box that allows cable subscribers with older televisions to receive digital channels, which the company said would be provided at no charge â" is not subject to rate regulation, because it is a service fee. The ruling was issued on March 19.

Submission + - How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion (

pitchpipe writes:

Using the Internet can destroy your faith. That’s the conclusion of a study showing that the dramatic drop in religious affiliation in the U.S. since 1990 is closely mirrored by the increase in Internet use.

I attribute my becoming an atheist to the internet, so what the study is saying supports my anecdote. If I hadn't been exposed to all of the different arguments about religion, etc., via the internet I would probably just be another person who identifies as religious but doesn't attend services. What does Slashdot think? Have you become more religious, less religious, or about the same since being on the internet? What if you've always had it?

Comment Good to See (Score 1) 47

I'm glad they're supporting them. I just hope this phone doesn't come with a barrage of preinstalled apps that I don't need or want. If the phone is clean and basically a Nexus-like device with some cool Cyanogen mods, I'm all for it. I want better hardware at lower prices (who doesn't), but I also want a good experience on the phone. We'll see what this does to the future phone market.

Comment Looks promising. (Score 1) 44

This is actually very exciting for me. I have a fairly advanced Lyme disease with other related diseases (protomyxzoa). I have a worry for long term health issues because Lyme is consistently linked to Parkinson's in the long run. Seeing articles like this always give me the hope I've been expecting with modern medicine and technology. Joe

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