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Comment Evoluent Vertical mouse (Score 1) 431

A few years ago I broke my right hand and with the cast I could not twist my hand and arm so that I could have used a conventional mouse. So I got an Evoluent vertical mouse. I've stuck with it since because I no longer have a mouse hand and the mouse does have a fully funcctional correctly placed middle button. It also has a scroll wheel but most importantly, it also is in the right place.
Logitech isreally good at making wonky speciality mice that are almost perfect but then there is something that completely puts you off and they refuse to do anything about it. It's works, we won't fix it.

PlayStation (Games)

Sony Must Show It Has Jurisdiction To Sue PS3 Hacker 217

RedEaredSlider writes "A California court today asked that Sony show it has jurisdiction over the hacker who publicized a 'jailbreak' for the PlayStation 3 console. Judge Susan Ilston, in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, said Sony has to show that George Hotz, a hacker who posted a method of 'jailbreaking' PS3 consoles, has some connection to California if Sony is to claim damages for his work on the PS3." For his part, Geohot has moved quickly to fight back against Sony's accusations. His legal team issued a statement (PDF), and also pointed out, "On the face of Sony’s Motion, a TRO serves no purpose in the present matter. The code necessary to 'jailbreak' the Sony Playstation computer is on the internet. That cat is not going back in the bag. Indeed, Sony’s own pleadings admit that the code necessary to jailbreak the Sony PlayStation computer is on the internet. Sony speaks of 'closing the door,' but the simple fact is that there is no door to close. The code sought to be restrained will always be a Google search away."

Comment Re:Humans are just biased towards natural numbers (Score 1) 1260

But do natural numbers even exist in the real

No they don't.

Let's take your brain as an example. Since natural numbers do not exist, you cannot have one brain. Judging from your post, the actual number of brains you have is less than one but hopefully it is more than ½

Fortunately for you we like rounding which means that you will be seen as having exactly one brain, although in case the real number of brains you have is less than ½ you would end up with no brain at all. I think posting on slashdot does require some sort of brain so you should be safe. Or does it require the lack of a brain...

Natural numbers are called natural because they are ... natural.

Comment OS/FS has produced N900 (Score 1) 945

If you love your iPhoney there is nothing that I can say that will change you're mind, it's the stockholm syndrome. I was close to getting one myself, but then Nokia released the N900 which, without having open hardware, is as a very open phone. After this I won't get a new phone unless I can open a terminal, do some apt-get'ting and ssh into it!


Submission + - Black Licorice with Ammonium Chloride ( 1

Lott's Wife writes: When foodies talk about salt, they are usually referring to a blend of chemicals that is dominated by sodium chloride, but a Northern European treat, called salmiakki by the Finnish, is made from a different edible ionic compound — ammonium chloride. Regardless of how you feel about tasting mysterious molecules, offering the bizarre candy to your friends is a fantastic way to make them squirm while reminding them about the broader meaning of the term salt — any neutral compound that can be made by mixing an acid with a base.
Linux Business

Submission + - Stock exchange embraces Linux

E5Rebel writes: "The New York Stock Exchange is investing heavily in x86-based Linux systems and blade servers as it builds out the NYSE Hybrid Market trading system that it launched last year. Flexibility and lower cost are among the goals. But one of the things that NYSE Euronext CIO Steve Rubinow says he most wants from the new computing architecture is technology independence. Interestingly, while Linux is embraced, virtualisation is rejected because it slows processing speeds...."

Submission + - The Coolest Country's Gov. Mandates Open Source (

The Open Sourcerer writes: "Just how cool can they be? Our Dutch compatriots are once again leading the way: The Dutch government has set a soft deadline of April 2008 for its agencies to start using open-source software — freely distributed programs that anyone can modify — the Netherlands Economic Affairs Ministry said Thursday. Government organisations will still be able to use proprietary software and formats but will have to justify it under the new policy, ministry spokesman Edwin van Scherrenburg said. Van Scherrenburg said the plan was approved UNANIMOUSLY at a meeting of two parliamentary commissions on Wednesday."

Submission + - Western Digitial to cripple sharing media content.

/.Rooster writes: Over at the BBC they discuss plans by Western Digital to prevent the sharing of media files as stored on their network drives regardless of whether the content is original and not copy-protected or not. Is this the future of NAS in a world paranoid about DRM and piracy? How does this help the genuine content producers who want to share their work, and more specifically how does this affect my MythTV setup. I don't envisage it will go down terribly well in the open source community but then just how long will it take to cirumvent the measure and should we all just boycott WD drives from now on?

Submission + - HTML5 now officially devoid of Ogg Vorbis / Theora ( 4

Rudd-O writes: "It's official. Ogg technology has been removed from the HTML5 spec, after Ian caved in the face of pressure from Apple and Nokia. Unless massive pressure is exerted on the HTML5 spec editing process, the Web authoring world will continue to endure our modern proprietary Tower of Babel.

Note that HTML5 in no way required Ogg (as denoted by the word "should" instead of "must" in the earlier draft). Adding this to the fact that there are widely available patent-free implementations of Ogg technology, there is really no excuse for Apple and Nokia to say that they couldn't in good faith implement HTML5 as previously formulated."


Submission + - KDE and KOffice rebuke OOXML; GNOME dithers 3

Peter writes: Free Software Foundation president Richard Stallman and ITWire have praised KDE and KOffice developers for taking a principled stand against OOXML, while raising serious concerns about the GNOME Foundation's decision to give credibility to Microsoft's broken format. This comes on the heels of GNOME co-founder Miguel de Icaza's depiction of OOXML as a 'superb standard', and GNOME Foundation director Quim Gil's stonewalling of the patent-free Ogg Vorbis / Theora format on behalf of Nokia. Have GNOME's leaders completely sold out their free software credentials to corporate and anti-consumer interests? And will the GNOME Foundation's indifferent response to Richard Stallman's appeal drive him to throw his weight behind KDE?

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