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Comment Re:Simple: (Score 4, Interesting) 550

I am a gamer, my wife (who is awesome!) is not I enjoy everything for Galaga, and Nethack to Diablo 3 and Call of Duty. For a while I have asked myself the same question, and maybe some of this will help folks. When my wife and I started dating she considered Arcades “One of the seven levels of Dante’s Inferno” I am still looking to find more games that she can enjoy with me, but we’ve found quite a few ways that we can have fun together playing games. Here’s a few of the things that have worked for us: 1) Find ways to play together as a team even if you are doing 1 player games (Find a way that you can switch off rapidly who is playing after one of you beats a level or gets stuck or looses a life and be affectionate as you’re playing – high fives and kisses as you switch the controller). 2) Recognize that your spouse my not have good reflexes and coordination that took you years to build (A lesson we learned playing minecraft, my wife found it frustrating because she could not react to monsters and she would die, so instead we put it on the no monster setting and just focused on building a house together) 3) Set a time limit on how long you are going to play and stick to it 4) Make gaming quality time, make sure you are interacting with your spouse both inside the game and outside random hugs and kisses after good or bad luck are always a good thing. 5) Mind your spouse’s tastes (my wife gets a bit creped out by zombies and the like, She’d play Resident Evil with me if I asked, but I’d be up all night hugging her as she was terrified to go to sleep) 6) Find something you both enjoy, ask your wife to keep you company and read or Facebook on the couch while you play one of your favorite games (My wife and I recently had a great time as she helped me design a new Skyrim character when she had only agreed to sit and read while I played for a while).

Comment Re:You're Computin' for a Shootin' Mister (Score 0) 370

"I do agree that chip makers aren't thinking "big enough" with things like their Blade lines.. "

That's not a chip maker issue, that's more of a system supplier. The chips themselves are efficient, but what Google does, and what it would take to make these efficient farms is more of an issue with system design. He should be complaining to the HP's, IBM's, Sun Microsystems people of this world. Or like was pointed out, design your own blade server to supply your needs...

Comment Re:Read the Bible. (Score 0) 459

"The advice and truths given in the Bible are credible because they mirror the real personal stories and events that happen in the world around us."

That is why the Bible was compiled by the Catholic church in 325AD at the Council of Nicea, so that all the little Christian churches would have a common background and written account with stories talking about the life of Jesus that the Christian leaders at the time were in agreement was the inspired word of God. A good book to read on the history of the bible is by Rev. Henry G. Graham titled "Where we got the Bible"

"the catholic church and their instance that only the Pope can talk to God, which is in direct contradiction to the primary message of pretty much every book of the Bible..."

That is untrue, the Catholic Church believes everyone can talk to God - that is Prayer, it also believes that it is possible that God can talk to an individual (who is not the pope or even a priest)... Look up "Private Revelation" one of the more famous examples in recent times would be the children of Fatima. The only point that could be interpreted to mean what you say is that only the pope has the authority to decide what is "right" on issues of faith and morals, which we interpret as coming straight from the bible (John 20:23).

Comment Re:I've never understood (Score 0) 1306

"I've never understood why religious folk have such a hard time with evolution. I mean, can't they just say "okay, fine, evolution is the process, and God is the architect". Far as I can see, that kind of solves it."

That is in fact what many Christians believe and is also a slightly different way to say what has been the Catholic Church's position on topic of evolution since the early 20th century.

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