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Submission + - 18th Annual International RoboSub Competition Happening Now in San Diego

madsci1016 writes: The 18th Annual International RoboSub Competition is happening this week at the TRANSDEC Naval Testing facility in San Diego, California. 38 teams from around the world have built fully autonomous underwater robots designed to complete a gauntlet of underwater obstacles. No GPS here, advanced image processing and acoustic sensors are your only tools. The competition is open to the public from now until Sunday. A few pictures from the ongoing event can be found here.

Submission + - Can you live without TV via cable or dish?

madsci1016 writes: "I am a recent college graduate about ready to move into a new apartment. There is no coax installed in the new apartment, and I would either have to do it myself or pay to have it installed. But, do I really need it? Most of the shows I watch are available via Hulu or Fancast. Local news can be found through local station's websites. I enjoy TV as much as the next guy, but times are tough and cable TV may be an expense I can get rid of. Has anyone tried living cable and dish free? What software did you use? Has the internet become viable as the sole means of content delivery for your TV?"

Submission + - Netflix Adds Fee If You Want Blu-Ray Movies (

Just_Pick_Pocketed writes: Just got an interesting email from Netflix. Looks like I will be paying more.
Quote from Engadget
"It's true — the inevitable has happened. We learned in August that Netflix would be tacking on a $1 surcharge per month for unlimited access to Blu-ray titles, and now a flood of users are receiving e-mails confirming the fee. Starting on November 5th, the $1 charge will be added on each month so long as you're craving BD content, though we have a sneaking suspicion that won't force you back into the less detailed world of DVD. Gotta pay to play, they say."


Submission + - Sharper Image now closing for good (

madsci1016 writes: Geeks in the US today will shed a tear as recent announcement that Sharper Image is finally closing all their stores for good. The once supplier of overpriced gadgets that made life a tad bit easier has been sold and it's new owners are stripping it bare. Where will we sit down in a massage chair when are girlfriends drag us to the mall now?

Submission + - Florida State Employees Personal Data Exposed. (

madsci1016 writes: "I am an Employee of the State of Florida. I just received an email with the following information.


State employees' personal data may have been exposed
Some state employees who used a "proxy server" in Germany to tap into their online payroll data may have exposed their personal information to identity theft, prompting a statewide reset of passwords.
Kevin Cate, deputy communications director of the Department of Financial Services, said Monday there was no breach of security in Florida's personnel computers. But he said DFS learned late last week that some employees had used a site,, rather than clicking through the regular steps at
"We're doing a mandatory password reset as a precaution," said Cate.
He said no one could hack into the state's FLAIR accounting system but that DFS has no way of knowing what might be done with data entered on a proxy site by an employee. He said a proxy site allows users to search the Internet without leaving tracks.
But users don't know who is watching what they enter into the proxy site. If they provide sign-on and password information, it might be copied. Cate said the proxy site had been used five times since January to view payroll information, but it was not known which employees used it.
"We've got an open inquiry on it," he said. He emphasized that only the employee's own information could be at risk and that there was no breach of the entire system.
"If you use our state system for payroll information, it is perfectly secure," he said. "There may be no safeguards if you don't use the official site."
DFS has broken all links with known proxy services. Cate said each user is responsible for using firewalls and anti-virus software, monitoring system updates and not sharing log-ins or passwords with others.

"end Quote."

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