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Comment Re:This is the biggest challenge facing football (Score 1) 684

Hockey does not seem to be as plagued as football, and eliminating fighting would prevent a lot of injuries as the basic game does not lead to as much trauma to the head as football.

All else equal, taking fighting away from hockey might increase the number of brain injuries. If you take away the players' ability to settle disputes by trading blows, they may decide to retaliate in another way, such as hard checks which involve much greater force and much higher potential for brain damage.

Comment Re:Is handedess a real thing? (Score 1) 258

Playing piano forces you to use both hands simultaneously. As a righty, it is a challenge for me to get the same amount of control from my left that I get from my right. No matter how much I practice with my left hand individually, I still don't feel the same power as I do from my right. This could be because most piano music has the left hand simply keeping rhythm while the right must be more expressive, leading with the melody.

Comment Re:They have lost all trust, but they retain distr (Score 1) 910

Except in the case of a presidential election, if your protest vote is for a candidate with no chance, it has the potential to help elect your third choice instead of your second. This does much more damage to voter satisfaction than simply voting for candidates with a chance to win.

What America needs is a change in voting system so we don't lose information from voters who have more than one candidate they would be satisfied with.

Comment Re:Probability in reliability engineering (Score 1) 328

Rumor has it that there's a plaque in the hills above Fukushima that says in effect "Water has come up this high in the past, don't build anything you care about lower than this level".

Maybe you're talking about this story about a Japanese village that built a shrine that warned people not to take shelter at a particular hill in case of tsunami. Could be wrong, just couldn't find anything relating to Fukushima.

Comment Re:A little difference (Score 1) 258

Although not LA itself, the Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach could potentially experience a locally generated tsunami. There is a fault line under Catalina Island off the coast of San Pedro, and a quake of magnitude 7.5 can cause landslides large enough to generate a tsunami to affect the two ports. This, however, has not happened in recorded times and is thought to be an extremely rare event. Also, the report I read indicated not all areas of the port would be overtopped by this hypothetical tsunami.

(PDF File) From the Port of LA tsunami report:

Large earthquakes (M~7.5) are very infrequent and have not occurred in the off shore area of California within historical times. Furthermore, not every large earthquake is expected to generate a tsunami based on historical occurrencesof tsunamis and seismic activity throughout the world. Based on the seismicity,geodetics, and geology, a large locally generated tsunami from either local seismic activity or a local submarine landslide would likely not occur more than once every 10,000 years

Comment Re:he talks abtou a site that has sheet music (Score 5, Informative) 973

The best solution for individuals wanting to learn new music, inefficient in the short term but invaluable in the long run, is to learn how to play by ear and transcribe the music yourself. But I'm sure you've heard that before. Anyway here are some sheet music sites I know of, primarily piano.

  • Torrent site. Registrations are closed, but says you can go to their IRC channel to apply.
  • Piano Files Digital sheet music trading site. List your collection, then e-mail others to request sheets from their list to trade for.
  • GamingForce Video Game forum, but also has a broad range of sheet music. Have to register to see the forum; once you do, it's under concert hall > musician's library.

In case anyone does not already know, IMSLP is a great site for public domain sheet music.

Comment Re:This ain't a patent troll (Score 1) 171

The world will start working with synthetic life in a quarter century, whereas without Venter and patents, the we would have synthetic life in <5 (at the rate of progress in molecular biology).

That's not quite correct. The US will start working with synthetic life in a quarter century, while those countries who do not recognize US patents will start much sooner.

Comment Re:Translation: The market doesn't work. (Score 1) 651

And you know what, if you're not happy with the state of competition in the market, go start your own printer company. No one is stopping you. Since you think profits are so easy in that inefficient market, I'm sure plenty of people will wait in line to loan you money.

Patents are one thing that stops innovators from entering established markets. But of course it's always the evil market's fault when people don't get what they want.

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