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Comment this article is nonsense (Score 1) 407

This is nonsense because the jails and prisons in california are still over crowded to the point of them releasing inmates early (such as the woman who can't stop jumping onto planes for hawaii) If this were a fact then the private prison industry wouldn't br growing at the jaw dropping rate it is as we speak.

Comment verizion did that to me after landing in mexico (Score 1) 321

Went on a trip to cabo mexico and when I landed, I turned on my phone to see the time/calls etc.. i had a few apps using auto update unfortunately and they finished updating before I even got the notice I was ROAMING, and giving me the option to select an intl data plan. by the time I shut everything off they had me at a 400$ charge, to which 7 calls and multiple tiers later I finally got reimbursed $450 for the waste of time

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