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Comment Re:Quibble - you mean "dynamic" code (Score -1) 432

actually no one meant dynamic code.... this isn't about interpreted code either... it is about TRANSLATED code. the briefs tool outputs a native iphone app source and that source is compiled in the iphone dev kit and run natively on the phone. the problem is the implementation of the translation layer does not provide the same level of optimization that a true natively coded app is exposed to.... and the maintainer of that layer might have an interest in making apple look bad, in which case they might make the translation layer more and more bloated creating apps that make the iphone look unresponsive.... apple is not willing to take that risk.

Comment Re:Hey timothy... (Score 0, Insightful) 432

the moderation system has failed.

in it's stated goal of minimizing demoralizing offtopic posts, it has created an incentive to create such posts to take the heat off other such posts. it doesn't give any 1 user more than a few mod points because 1 user shouldn't have too much power, but they do absolutely nothing to stop 1 PERSON from creating thousands of users and build up their moderation through automated self fulfilling "karma whoring". if 1 user shouldn't have too much power, then methods have to be put in place to require 1 PERSON per moderation enabled user. only problem with that is there is already legions of trollbots ready to whine about privacy so they can keep up their same games on this internet chat board.

slashdot = stagnated.


Comment Re:Great Article (Score -1) 222

Posting anon, because I have better people than you to moderate right now.

why do you assume someone would question why you are posting anonymously? why would you preemptively provide an excuse? is it because you truly are a coward? is it because you don't want to undo the moderations you've obviously made in your campaign against Michael Kristopeit? is it because you are scared?

i believe you truly are a coward.


Comment Re:Great Article (Score -1) 222

a words meaning does not change with altered capitalization... the only intent of capitalization is to aid an ill equipped reader. capitalisation is not a word. neither is Capitalisation. idiot.

so you're suggesting that in a 24 hour period, numerous posts over many weeks were just suddenly and randomly found to be needing down moderation... as you are obviously a member of the party contributing to the down-moderations, and further attempting to bait me with your hypocritical ignorance, i am forced to remind you:

you are NOTHING

Comment Re:DocBook - like HTML 1.0, only dumber (Score -1) 68

hey, idiot, i also said CMS... CONTENT MANAGEMENT. when you want to print, SOMETHING has to set the @media to "print".... THAT SOMETHING will alter the page layout and add the footnotes.

now let me know how docbook handles footnotes INSIDE OF footnotes? oh no, it can't you say? when are the docbook developers planning on adding it? they aren't you say? with a custom CMS, i can make that feature at my leisure. with docbook, you are just locked into a DIFFERENT way of doing things someone else's way.

Comment Re:DocBook - like HTML 1.0, only dumber (Score -1) 68

html does provide those elements... any element could be a citation element or index element... it is up to the CMS and CSS to organize them however the author wants. removing the authors decision making, and forcing them to use a framework full of elements they'll never use is not a step forward.

Comment Re:Innovation has been replaced by litigation (Score -1) 311

at $25,000+ per submission, the only mockery was to the US workforce that lost out on a working man's salary every time corporate america decided they wanted to "mock" the government agency they have conceded controls them and their industry universally.

the USPTO is very discouraged, i'm sure.

Comment Re:Innovation has been replaced by litigation (Score -1) 311

how exactly were they "making a mockery of the USPTO" when they quite literally conceded that the USPTO itself IS "THE game"

"yes, you have total control over me, and i serve powerless in your mercy... but you suck, and i have no suggestions about how you could be better." real big mockery.

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