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Comment Re:Protecting IP (Score 1) 61

... Any company who sues a non-commercial fan project is idiotic at best, and doesn't like receiving money from their customers.

Years ago someone here on Slashdot (props, whoever you are, I don't remember) explained the seemingly psychotic behavior of television executives choking the life out of or outright canceling wildly popular TV shows:

It's all about power and control - money is, at best, a secondary concern.

Once you realize that this applies to most entertainment companies, it all makes sense, like a kind of nightmare logic.

Comment Re:Agree, but... (Score 1) 751

How did this get to +4 insightful? Your derisive comments about "Christianity" and "sin" fail to meet even high school-level anthropology and sociology qualifications. Go pick up almost any book on some "godless" culture and you'll find that they've got their own historical/ingrained issues with nudity, chastity, etc. Shocking as it may be, many of these issues overlap with "Christianity" (whatever that is anymore).

Valid or not, you've polluted your own cries of "knee-jerk reaction" with your own knee-jerk reaction.

Comment Re:I'd only agree to view ads if (Score 1) 615

You sir, have said almost word-for-word what I was thinking. I seriously doubt that Adblock and it's kin would have such wide-spread usage if the ads had not become so burdensome. Nevermind the visual distraction (which almost makes me want to punch the monitor), I'm using an old computer and any page that loads flash causes it to _freeze_ for several seconds - per flash item. And we're supposed to "honor" these crippling intrusions... why?

Adblock plus Noscript - not just a good idea, they unbreak my (online) legs.

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