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Comment Re:The title should read... (Score 1) 203

No, really, they're all clueless. Just a few months ago the IWF created a furore by blacklisting a page in Wikipedia because it contained a suggestive image. The way they went about it was seriously flawed. Specifically:

  • The blacklisted URL was that of the HTML page linking to the image. IIRC, the image itself was still freely accessible.
  • The blacklist was unable to trap simple modifications to the URL (e.g. replacing an individual character with its escaped hex equivalent)
  • The same page was still available on Wikipedia's secure servers, Google's cache and various other places.
  • Blocked URLs are routed through the IWF's proxy servers, but because they obviously don't know anything about XFF headers, it was impossible for Wikipedia to identify genuine traffic for the entire period this block was in place.

And all that over a 30-year-old image that had never been ruled illegal anywhere. They're all morons.

Comment Re:Nokia did that already (Score 1) 258


  • Because airports have these screens installed anyway
  • Because not all your passengers have mobile phones
  • Because some of your passengers are technologically illiterate
  • Because one bit of chewing gum stuck to your poster could ruin things
  • Because people are already used to seeing departure information on TV screens

Take your pick

Comment Re:Nokia did that already (Score 1) 258

I can see a bunch of useful applications for stuff like this: - Flight Arrival/Departure Info: tags can be posted at easily visible locations around the airport with a sign "scan here for arrival/departure info".

What's wrong with a big TV screen showing a list of flight arrival/departure times? Wouldn't that make life just a little bit easier?

Comment Re:It just amazes me (Score 1) 114

For some reason I read that as "loose lips pink slips".

I guess what the government has realized is that cock-ups are inevitable. By outsourcing this work they can put someone else in the firing line next time it all goes wrong.

Nothing is going to improve until we take a stand against this culture of state-sponsored snooping.

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