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Comment Re:How does it compare? (Score 1) 400

I agree. It's not just the registry though. Everything is treated as an object in PS. I find it very easy to use. I've seen a couple of attempts to create a powershell-like, object-oriented shell in Linux. I've even tried out a couple of them, but the Linux commandline just isn't designed that way. The thing about PS for me is that I was already scripting Windows using vbscript and PS is much simpler and come with a whole host of functions (cmdlets) built in, including those that come with the server tools (Active Directory cmdlets, etc.).

Comment Re:Q and A Time: What can Powershell do... (Score 1) 400

I find that they both make sense in their environments. I have no problem with piping in Linux because that's the way Linux command want to work. I sometimes find bash syntax cumbersome, but that's just because I'm unfamiliar. I love the pipeline in PS too. I use it all the time. I found PS much easier to learn from scratch than bash has been over the years. The Powershell_ISE is great too, and helps a lot.

Comment Re:How does it compare? (Score 4, Interesting) 400

I use Powershell extensively to deploy applications using Microsoft SCCM at work. I use Linux the rest of the time. Bash scripting is very suitable to the way *nix commands work. Powershell is very suitable to scripting in Windows. I find PS very easy to learn and to work in, but only because I was already familiar with concepts like the pipeline (from Linux) and objects (from python ;-). I can create a PS script to install and configure an application quickly and easily because, just as in Linux there are commands that do everything you need to do, in PS there are cmdlets that allow you to easily (for the most part) access the various subsystems of Windows. I see PS as a greatly improved, much easier way of doing what I used to struggle to do with vbscript or, a long time ago, with batch files.

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