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Comment Re:Not running Windows 10 seems like a total fix (Score 2) 234

I agree. We bought a little Acer E3-111 for my wife with Windows 8.1 awhile back. It worked just fine. We had some problems with the touchpad recently and I figured, why not upgrade to Windows 10. We've both regretted that decision. It run slowly, and every few days there's new reasons on Slashdot and elsewhere not to run Windows 10. A few days ago I booted Linux Mint 18, Mate edition from a USB stick. Firefox (my wife's preffered browser) started so quickly we were startled and everything was very smooth. I looked at the hits on my firewall/proxy server from her IP and they were down to almost nothing. I'll be upgrading her to Linux this weekend.

Comment Re:Normally I side with the EFF, BUT (Score 1) 143

You're right, of course. China's laws and the laws of Western countries would be in conflict here. We can't impose the rule of law on them, but a Western-based company knowingly supporting this sort of thing is wrong. If we're going to say that China is wrong and we're right, we need a solid premise beyond just invoking the term 'Human Rights' from which to argue. Then we could argue that sanctioning Cisco is an appropriate response.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 528

I disable AdBlock on websites that I want to support. Some of them notify me that AdBlock is installed and that they support themselves with ads. If I want to support the organization or if the product adds value to my life, I often disable the add-on and leave it disabled as long as the ads are not too terrible.

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