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Comment Re: "Civic Society" not a very impressive euphemis (Score 0) 805

Allow me to clarify: as a white person, I can assure you that it isn't non-whites who are inferior, it is you bigoted, ignorant folderol who are inferior. I'm not interested in informing or educating you, I'm only interested in your extermination, as you are a cancer on the Republic. You were able to cheat your way into control this time, but the educated, wealthy blue states will eventually eradicate you and your racism, sexism, and xenophobia. This is a war, and you are the enemy, to be shown no quarter.

Comment Re: Yes, definitely assholes (Score 1) 440

Airline pilots get much more training before they can fly than the average driver does to get a license. A plane's autopilot will keep you on the same heading at the same altitude until you run out of fuel. But if you are at a low enough altitude it can still fly you into a mountain. The real question here: even if the camera couldn't tell white from blue, why didn't the RADAR or LIDAR detect the object and brake the car? Does the Model S lack RADAR?

Comment Re: There is no "government only" backdoor (Score 1) 123

Anyone with access to such keys would be subject to blackmail, extortion, and murder. And do you think other governments are just going to sit by while the U.S. holds the only decryption key? They will pass their own back door legislation, so every time I send an email with S/MIME it's encrypted to more than 200 state-owned keys, any one of which could be compromised at any time to decrypt my message.

Comment Re: Not funneled into (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Apple is already the top taxpayer in Cupertino. And in California. And in the whole fucking country! While it would have been politic for Steve to mollify the city council by building free wifi for the city after they requested it, it wasn't a requirement for the deal. Until Congress closes all the loopholes, government officials should shut the fuck up about corporate taxation. Apple, Cisco, et al are just playing the rigged game by the rules. And why do they always pick on Apple instead of the dozens of Fortune 500 companies which pay no tax, or worse, get refunds?

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