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Comment Re:Dual folding screens were always a non-starter (Score 1) 401

Actually, the iPad is surprisingly light, given that it's made out of aluminum and glass. I don't know how anyone could hold one and think it was heavy. Half of the body is actually completely empty (contributing to the decent bass levels in the audio it can produce with its built-in speaker).

Comment Re:Tablets are dead (Score 1) 401

Premium design and development warrant a premium price. While Apple does keep their premium in place, they increase the specs rather than lowering prices. It's true that the iPod Touch hasn't dropped in price, but Apple has doubled its capacity and RAM, with significant improvements to its performance and feature set.

That said, if Apple thinks it's important enough to hit a price point, they do. Few people thought we'd see a $99 iPhone when we were all forking out six bills for the device at launch.

Comment When preparation meets opportunity... (Score 1) 245

It's all in the fine details you can focus on when you combine really good ideas and technologies. The Nintendo DS was successful because it was built upon excellent hardware and software, and Nintendo knows how to make things usable and fun. They also supported their developers well, and the library grew rapidly.

The iPhone is the same thing. Apple brought their usual level of fit and finish to the table, as well as lots of experience with portable industrial design, miniaturization, and fine materials.

Touch took so long to catch on because nobody did it right, plain and simple. The success of these devices isn't due to any one thing that you can just copy, and expect to succeed with. They succeeded because of a lot of effort and sacrifice, and decades of hindsight.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Hacking TiVo: 23 Tips to Turbocharge Your DVR

An anonymous reader writes: Learn to modify your Tivo or DVR to show Caller ID on your TV when you get a phone call, store over 5 times more recordings than a standard dvr, transfer files to and from your PC and more...

Submission + - Orb brings iTunes to Wii console

montale127 writes: nsole/ Looks like the Quiet Beatle among gaming consoles is the one that brings it first. Music from the iTunes Music Store won't actually work (thank you, "FairPlay" DRM and the Great Walled Garden of Apple!), but everything else does, WMDRM included. With fullscreen YouTube available now on the TV and sharing between Orbers, can I finally be a VJ?
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - Are Consumers Ready (To Pay) For the iPhone?

AndyComp writes: "Are Consumers Ready (To Pay) For the iPhone? "Even among the diehard segment of iPod shoppers who said they are very likely to buy an iPhone, only 6% said they would pay over $400." The iPhone has gotten a lot of hype since it debuted, but what will happen when it hits stores? This post reports who'll be willing to pay the high price, switch to Cingular, and several other interesting stats."

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