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Submission + - New crayfish species ID'd in W.Va. (

maclizard writes: "Relatively slender claws and body, as well as differences in the plate-like projection between its eyes, differentiate the Greenbrier crayfish from its cousin, the Big Water crayfish. The Greenbrier species is found only in the Greenbrier River and its headwaters."

Comment Well duh (Score 1) 360

It pisses me off to see government and/or private organizations saying that we can do this in 40 years. What a fucking cop out, its like saying, "Our children will fix this as soon as we pass control on to them and then we can live out our remaining years with the benifits." I for one think that no government office should be allowed to project more than 10 years, if it can't be done in ten years then you can't brag about it.

Comment Re:In Their Defense, You're Not A Customer (Score 1) 437

I guess I should have mentioned that I have been a devote PlayStation, PS2 and PSP owner as well as various other Sony products. I'm just not an early adopter, and now I have kids so gaming is less of a priority, thus a longer justified wait for the PS3. So, I am a customer; a customer that Sony worked hard to get through years of fantastic innovation and marketing, and in my eyes they have let a law firm throw all that away.

Comment Re:Why mistreat your customers? (Score 1) 437

Buying used still increases the scarcity of PS3's, allowing Sony to keep the price of a new unit high.

Agreed, and realistically I would have no reason to buy one now that the Other OS option is not supported.

Not that individuals acting alone have any impact anyway...

Also agreed, however I feel rather confident that I'm not the customer Sony has lost over this.

Submission + - Firehouse burns to the ground (

maclizard writes: 'Emergency officials said the fire department's vehicles and gear were inside the fire station when it burned. Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper said the department lost two fire engines, a rescue truck, a six-wheel all-terrain vehicle, all their communications equipment and bunker gear. He estimated damages at about $750,000.

"We will beg, borrow or steal bunker gear to put them back in business as quickly as possible," Carper said. "They're one of the busiest departments in the county."'


Submission + - Microsoft suspends gamer for being from Fort Gay (

maclizard writes:

"The town's name is real. But when Josh Moore tried to tell Seattle-based Microsoft and the enforcement team at Xbox Live, they wouldn't take his word for it. Or Google it. Or check the U.S. Postal Service website for a ZIP code."

I personally feel for those of you from Big Bone Lick, KY

Comment Slashdot poll shift (Score 1) 789

Considering that in every other poll I have been a part of on Slashdot has consisted of a number of legitimate responses followed by an obscure and sometimes dangerous gag answer (often involving Cowboy Neal), it is interesting to see that this poll is in fact riddled with bad ideas, yet followed by the only good one. But I wonder, was the shield intended to, still, be the joke answer?

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