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Comment Re:global cooling (Score 1) 263

My personal problem with the theory that this flux is going to cause global cooling is that, at least according to the actual temperature measurements, global cooling has preceeded the flux by a couple of years.

If the data is an indicator, something else is affecting the climate and that something has already been in effect for some time.

But of course, this messes up all the other theories on global warming I've heard of as well. I guess it never pays to muddy up a perfectly good theory by comparing it with data, does it?

Comment Re:global cooling (Score 2, Informative) 263

Actually, Solar flares correlate with solar activity and, at least in theory, increased solar activity shields Earth from Cosmic Rays. i.e: more solar flares implies more solar activity which implies less cosmic rays reaching earth which implies fewer clouds which implies more sunlight which implies hotter temperatures on the planet which implies global warming.

Comment Re:Couldn't happen here... (Score 1) 319

oops. I should have read further. I still think that it's more difficult than you suggest, it would be harder to hide from the user and it would still be limited to what the original user did on the computer - not what everyone who used the computer did, but you might be able to get something like that to run.

Comment Re:Not anymore (Score 1) 584

Um, that would mean that smart, beautiful successful people (you know - those with preferable genetic traits) are more likely to have kids than stupid ugly failures. Have you ever been to New York? If anything, the "have children" part would lead to the human race DEVOLVING for the last 50 years. The rich and successful are averaging fewer children than replace their numbers. This lack is just about made up for by welfare recipients.

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