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Comment Re: Dumb dumb dumb advice... (Score 1) 280

I'm confused. You don't want to save your credit card information or browser passwords on a single device or site because they can be retrieved, but you like the idea of apple storing credentials that can be retrieved from any device on the planet. Also, good for locking your phone, but if you're also using encrypted storage you don't have much to worry about with PayPal having your credit card info., at least notnif you're using their app as its also pin or password secured and doesn't save your password - and that's on top of your general phone security.

Comment Re: Simpler approach... (Score 1) 280

Which is why my primary email address' password is unique and stronger thany banking password (my bank requires a six digit pin number because they use the same password for internet and phone banking. It's stupid). Other than that, I use 3 different passwords of low, medium, and high entropy for almost every site unless it has some ludicrous password rule. A couple if the sites I've signed up for have required a mixture of capital and lowercase, no characters, and 11 characters or less, a pattern which matches exactly zero of my standard passwords. Why would one enforce mixing case (higher entropy) only to limit length (lower entropy)? And that's why email recovery is awesome.

Comment Re: frosty piss (Score 4, Insightful) 664

Absolutely. Which is offensive. No wonder people "hate cops". They're always there to enforce nickel and dime laws, but get your bicycle stolen and kiss it goodbye. The only thing they'll do in 90% of property theft cases is punch the serial number (if you wrote it down) of the stolen item into a database that pawn shops run through whenever an item is pawned. Every criminal knows this, so most of the time the items are never found. No investigation, no police work period. This goes for items as large and expensive as vehicles too. Even cars aren't found unless a plate gets run for an unrelated issue (speeding, abandonment, etc.). And yet, if a cop catches me pissing in the street, that's a worthwhile time waste for the entire justice system.

Comment Re: frosty piss (Score 5, Insightful) 664

That's a copout (no pun intended). If you give police the location of your phone, it's probably less than an hour's worth of work for two of them to track it down and get it back. As long as there are two cops on duty, it's simply lazy to not track it down. They don't seem to have any issues with setting speed traps and handing out seatbelt tickets.

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