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Comment Re:So, what's a problem? (Score 1) 157

The life expectancy figures cited by grandparent are based on a starting age of "zero". A lot of kids don't make it to age five, many due to car accidents. Once you've made it to age five, the "average life expectancy" of the remaining pool has gone up quite a bit.

As you move up the population pool age brackets, you have already lost the people who were going to bring down the average. To state otherwise brings you to the situation where you're introduced to an 85 year old man and say to him "you should have been dead five years ago!"

I'm pretty sure all the astronauts in the statistical pool started at an age of "zero". Joking aside, if you remove people in the statistical pool that died at a younger age, it is no longer the average life expectancy. To state otherwise brings you to the situation where you're at a funeral for a 102 year old man and say to his kids "he should have lived another three years."

Comment Re:That's odd (Score 1) 415

Dear EU Committee,

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the vote which you have just taken, about the smartphones. Many of my best friends are members of the Council and only a few of them are smarter than their phones.

Yours faithfully, Brigadier Sir Charles Arthur Strong (Mrs.)

PS I have never kissed the editor of the Radio Times.

Comment What do you really need? (Score 1) 402

There's a rack that will fit your situation. Browse some manufacturer's sites:, and to name a few.

They have racks that wall mount, floor mount, mount in custom woodwork and built into desks. They have fans to deal with heat and power strips too.


Submission + - p2pnet news: RIAA extortion company identified? (

maciarc writes: A p2pnet reader thinks he/she may have identified the RIAA's Settlement Center by looking up their phone number off of and running it through CNAM and doing some google searches. I'm sure there are some defendants and lawyers out there that would love to see this verified. Is there anyone in Overland Park, KS that could swing by for a look?

Submission + - Vista CD Burning.... 3

impish500 writes: "I have run in to an issue wit Windows Vista and CDs that have been burned. Apparently CDs that have been burned under Vista will NOT show up as readable by any other OS. Why Microsoft would choose to do this is completely insane. How can anyone share files with other Operating Systems (Mac OS X or Linux OSes), if the other OS'es cant even read the disc. I have a MacBook running OS X (10.4.10), the disc showed up as unreadable by my computer, not even File Salvage (by Sub Rosa Soft) could recover anything (I got an error showing that two blocks back-to-back were bad). I found out which OS the friend had used, loaded my copy of Vista and the CD showed up fine. Vista security problems are bad enough, but damn, not allowing another OS see the disc as readable is absolutely INSANE!!!"
The Courts

U.S. Court Denies Webcasters' Stay Petition 264

Michael Manoochehri writes "Reuters reports that a "federal appeals court has denied a petition by U.S. Internet radio stations seeking to delay a royalty rate hike due July 15 they say could kill the fledgling industry." This royalty rate hike, put forth by the US Copyright Royalty Board, will increase royalty rates for webcast music tremendously, in some cases to more per year than many webcasters bring in from revenue. Save Net Radio, a coalition of webcasters, is telling listeners that "We are appealing to the millions of Internet radio listeners out there, the webcasters they support and the artists and labels we treasure to rise up and make your voices heard again before this vibrant medium is silenced.""

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