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Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 2) 225

Samsung has sold hundreds of millions of phones with OLED screens in. Even their new entry level Galaxy J3 will have an OLED screen.

By the time the Galaxy S3 was released they had run out of OLED screens and went back to their horrific LED "Pentile" displays. So it's not like OLED worked out all that great for Samsung. Then to try to get production back up, they combined OLED with Pentile, taking a screen with lovely colors, and totally destroying it's color accuracy and eveness. Samsung has done a horrible job of keeping up with OLED demand. I'd rather take an accurate LED display, than a bright but inaccurate OLED.

To try to make up for the issue, Samsung has brought their device resolutions up to just ridiculous resolutions. 2560x1440 is ridiculous in a 5" phone, until you realize the reason they've pumped the resolution that high is to hide the issues in Pentile pixels by making them really small. But now of course you pay for that in GPU and CPU (because you have to push more pixels) and power (because you have to power the pixels and the CPU/GPU that pushes them.)

Every phone up until the S6 is still using Pentile OLEDs. That's a heck of a tradeoff to make. And Apple won't do Pentile when they do OLED displays. Samsung is throwing a lot under the bus to get OLED on their spec sheets.

Comment Re:Pretty quickly (Score 1) 161

At this point there's no reason not to do anything new in Objective-C, and port what you can when it makes sense.

Swift doesn't support interop with C++ code. Swift should not be used in third party closed source libraries due to linker conflicts (even according to Apple.)

We're not at the point where everything should be Swift yet.

Comment Re:Why would I run windows on the Rpi 2? (Score 1) 308

Why would I run windows on it? One of the main advantages of Windows is all the programs compiled for it, but those are all compiled for x86 windows, not Windows 10 on Arm. Apparently it won't even run office.

Note: I'm not trying to side with Microsoft here, as the name hints I'm an Apple guy, but I can see what direction Microsoft is trying to go in...

Microsoft is betting the future on the new "Universal" APIs that have .Net byte code, and run on Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Core, and Xbox. The course Microsoft is charting for themselves is architecture independent. As you've pointed out, they aren't there yet, but that's where they hope to go. Will they make it there? Will everyone transition to the new Universal APIs? I don't know, again, I'm an Apple guy, But at least where they think they are going, Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi is not totally crazy. And I'm sure Office will make it to the Universal APIs too. Cheap $70 boxes that run Office might not even be a bad idea.

Comment Re:Like Tomato? (Score 1) 242

The primary reason as I see it for this is that the HW manufacturers want it - they want to sell you a new $200 device to get a security update.

The counter to this is hardware manufacturers generally hate this because anything they do is subject to FCC approval and approval times, even software updates.

This is why phone OS updates can take time.

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 435

So now I'm doing some research, and finding issues:

The Y50-70 is a Haswell. The Macbook Pro is a Broadwell. So you're complaining a last gen PC with a current gen Mac. Maybe not a huge performance difference, but if you at least want to be fair, go find a fire sale previous gen Mac to compare with the fire sale pervious gen PC, or compare with the Y50-80 which is actually Broadwell.

When I jump to the Y50-80 (with SSD) the normal US price is $1,799. They're running a sale at $1,499. The sale price is somewhat competitive with the 15" Macbook Pro. The non-sale price really isn't.

The SSD it uses is pretty cheap, not PCI-E, not that fast. So they're trimming price because the SSD is about 1/3 of the speed of what the Macbook Pro ships, possibly 1/4 of the performance, and cheap SSDs are cheap. The GPU is fast, but the 860m is very hot. The CPU is a little beefier. The screen is higher res. The battery life sucks balls compared to the Macbook Pro.

So yeah, it's cheaper. But it's not really comparable. You're definitely making tangible sacrifices. 5 hours of battery life vs. 10 hours is a big issue. An SSD 30% the speed is an issue (and you can't even configure it with a 1 TB SSD).

The Y50-80 is clearly designed to be a gaming machine. The Macbook Pro can play games, but it's designed to be a work machine. If you're into just gaming the Y50-80 looks like an ok choice. But as a work machine? Please. It blows giant chunks. The battery life and I/O are unacceptable for pros working in big applications. It's not a work machine. If you're looking for a bunch of slow components tied to a giant power sucking GPU, a Mac isn't going to be for you.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 5, Insightful) 413

"First, we aren't feeling the impact of climate change. For all the fear mongering, the oceans haven't risen, the weather is fine, and life has been carrying on."

Errrr, what? The oceans have definitely been measurably rising.


Just because Manhattan isn't underwater doesn't mean we don't measure and observe it.

"Second, we aren't the last generation who can do something about it. Depending on who you listen to, either we have already passed the point of no return, or we have a long time to worry about it."

We've definitely already passed the point of return for no changes. The question from here on out is how much damage we want to do in addition to what's already been done. There isn't an upper limit to the damage due to global warming. That's like saying "Oh gosh, I'm in debt. Whelp, guess I'll just spend whatever I want because I'm already in debt!" It's nonsensical double talk from someone who's claiming that global warming is both not a thing, and it's too late to do anything about it anyway.

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