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Comment Corporations should be classified differently .. (Score 1) 206

This is why I've always thought that corporations equaling a private person (in the eyes of the law) was a gross error. I've been thinking for quite some time now that corporations should be reclassified as a form of government (or recognized as a government body). With that being said, all corporations should have the same restrictions placed on corporations that the US government has. No search and seizure without a warrant, nothing done without "whitelisting" (specifically granting them powers, instead of them doing whatever they want and a law restricts their actions after the fact), corporations should not have a vote (only real people), etc. Furthermore, US Government officials would be still forbidden from "taking bribes from foreign government officials" would also fix the whole ....... campaign contribution scheme. Just ideas ...

Comment Re:I see. (Score 1) 563

Interesting, why re-inforce the front door when you leave the window wide open? This is where defense in depth comes in. Had the owner, I dunno, setup 802.1x or something on the open ports, or required each port to VPN into the real network, then this could have been avoided with a simple brick and window solution. Either way, you can't really stop a determined attacker, you can merely slow them down and fend them off. Well, the paitent ones anyway.

Comment Re:Don't worry BP ... (Score 1) 913

It really is a shame this environmental disaster happend. My view tends to interpert this as "everything has failed" sceanario. Typically, we would want to stick the responsible parties to clean-up this mess and have some type of a negative consequence. Realistically, the negative consequence will be passed onto the consumers, while the company continues business as normal. This system is backwards, as it rewards failures. People can/will just do nothing except buy gas (as we're dependant on it). What would you do to have BP feel the consequences of this sceanario without the management to try and pass the buck (and in the corporations eye's, buck = responsibility) to the consumers?

Comment Re:Ignorant Haters (Score 1) 388

While in the home world, it may be acceptable to just allow automatic updates. However, in the mission critical business world, allowing automatic updates without testing the patches increases the risk of something to go wrong.

It has happened plenty of times in the past, that some vendor pushes out an automatic update, and boom! BSOD. I also remembering a couple of times, a bad virus def. being pushed out automatically and flaging normal system DLL files as a trojan.

Comment Re:Timeline (Score 1) 578

Both, actually.

For instance, I had a dream ~5 years ago that I got this new job, and this office, and it had this particular layout. When I got to my new position two weeks ago, its exactally like I remembered.

Also, I told my wife 7 years ago that I would die in 7 years in December. What ended up happening is that my father died 7 years after I initally told her in December. My father and I have the same name. So I know I wasn't "incorrectly remembering" because I actually told my wife that information.

Comment My Theory (Score 1) 578

Which I came up with so long ago is: Time is a measurement of location and actions.
Location: The relative point you were at in space, includes local (Earth) and/or celestial location.
Actions: What you were doing at the time.

In history, we measure where we were and what we were doing.
In present, where we are now and what we're doing.
In future, where we will be and what we will be doing.

Comment Re:5 reasons (Score 1) 480

I would have to agree with your "Sensitive data should not be stored on a computer that can be carried away or easily accessed, with or without encryption." statement!

Physical security *ALWAYS* trumps logical security.

Lets not forget the limitations on encryption. If it can be decrypted, all it takes is time. Regardless who has the keys. Hell, sometimes event if it wasn't ment to be decrypted, it can be with sufficient resources (ie; Rainbow Tables).

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