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Data Sorting World Record — 1 Terabyte, 1 Minute 129

An anonymous reader writes "Computer scientists from the University of California, San Diego have broken the 'terabyte barrier' — and a world record — when they sorted more than a trillion bytes of data in 60 seconds. During this 2010 'Sort Benchmark' competition, a sort of 'World Cup of data sorting,' the UCSD team also tied a world record for fastest data sorting rate, sifting through one trillion data records in 172 minutes — and did so using just a quarter of the computing resources of the other record holder."

Comment Re:Mac OS X (Score 1) 467

I've got 2 G4 Macs I run beside my new Macbook pro, a 1GHz G4 'Lamp' and 1.2GHz Powerbook G4, both of which Leopard installed on with no issue or any shoehorning needed. Most of these machines support Leopard as is, if your G4 was perfectly good i'm sure it would've installed without issue on it too.

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