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Comment The Almighty Military...Really? (Score 1) 616

To those who keep citing "The Military" as if it's some kind of autonomous monstrosity...

In case you've forgotten...we work for you. Our boss is a civilian, and our chain of command all the way down the line is filled with civilians. Your neighbors, relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.. And before you get the picture in your head of some rogue general on a power trip ala Hollywood, take a look at news footage of these guys talking to Congress. Ask a military member you know who works under a civilian. It's a far cry from, "Kill em all, and sort it out later." In fact, it's much more like, "Mother, may I please go in next door and get my ball back?" We do what we're told by you through your representatives. If you don't like it, fire them.

And, when it comes down to it, the members of the big, bad "The Military" are also your neigbors, relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.. Yeah, we have a few nutjobs in our employ. But no more than any other corporation. And like you, we realize they're nutjobs and try to give them the harmless jobs as much as we can.

Now, if you want to point the finger at Bush...I can't talk about that in a public forum. But I can say that I find it easier to agree with arguments and evidence that point to conspiring individuals than an amorphous, unfeeling "Military".

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