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Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 2) 623

Oh? Please tell me how a bunch of people doing the same speed creates a dangerous situation.

For the record I agree unless you're overtaking don't be in the lane.

Oh, that's an easy one.

When people who speed can't pass they get irrationally angry and start to do dangerous things, like tailgating, swerving, and suddenly accelerating/braking.

So you see, it's really your fault for making them SO DANGED ANGRY because they can't speed and pass people at that particular instant.


Comment Re:Great News! (Score 1) 106

Would you bother playing the "how do they compare over the past 1- or 2- year period" game, then? In the name of fairness, of course--neither one of us cherry-picking a particularly good or bad 30-day window for either currency, no?

CDN-USD 1 yr: low 1.22, high 1.45

BTC-USD 1 yr: low $209, high $537

CDN-USD 2 yr: low 1.06, high 1.45

BTC-USD 2 yr: low $177, high $665

Comment Re:All wrong (Score 1) 245

Could individuals recognize this and establish such coordination on a temporary basis as needed?

Sure--but as with so many things, it takes time, resources, and expertise to do so. In a crisis, all three of those things will be in short supply.

The fact that the individuals in question are all accustomed to being their own leader will likely exacerbate things, as well.

Comment Re:Great News! (Score 1) 106

I mean, can you think of any, I dunno, unusual things that happened to the global economy between 9/25/2008 and 10/28/2008?

Or would you call this specific period on our world's financial history just another typical 30-day window, where 20% fluctuations in major global currencies are a totally normal and commonplace and not at all hugely rare and alarming thing?

Comment Re:All wrong (Score 1) 245

It goes beyond politics. In pretty much any human endeavor, odds will heavily favor groups that are well-organized and have clear structures of authority over those that are lacking these things. The larger the group, the more pronounced this becomes.

Humans have gotten as far as we have in very large part because we've successfully exploited the overwhelming power of coordination. Without hierarchy, authority, and structure, coordination is difficult--and becomes increasingly so with each new person you add to the mix.

Become too decentralized, too uncoordinated, and some other large group of humans is going to come along and wipe the floor with you.

Comment Re:All wrong (Score 1) 245

There shouldn't be a libertarian party. Everybody should be his own candidate.

Exactly. The very concept of a "libertarian party" is an oxymoron.

Political parties are about coalition-building, structure, organization, compromise, and incremental, collaborative progress.

The vast majority of modern libertarians--at least the American strain--are all about independence, personal control, certitude, and a fundamental aversion to the organization and structuring of power. A party of this nature looks like...well, it looks exactly like what we saw this week--from the overhead-projected Excel spreadsheet tally of votes right on down to the candidate with the large Iron Cross tattoo who decided to perform a burlesque show on a dare.

Libertarians will never be more than a fringe force on American politics, simply because they're intrinsically unwilling to build kind of structured organization that makes it possible to win tens of millions of votes.

Comment Re: The cure (Score 1) 302

My family lives 1,100 miles away. My wife's family lives 2,500 miles away. Not flying cuts, on average, two days off any visit to my own family. For my wife's family, it's completely impractical to drive. For me (and others with distant family,) that's well worth the (generally overblown) drawbacks of air travel and security theater.

Comment Re:New iPhones (Score 1) 225

After that, what have they got? Apple Car? They're not a car company; how the heck is this going to work?

After that, what have they got? Apple Phone? They're not a phone company; how the heck is this going to work?
After that, what have they got? Apple Tunes? They're not a music label; how the heck is this going to work?
After that, what have they got? Apple Walkman? They're not a portable music player company; how the heck is this going to work?
After that, what have they got? Apple Stores? They're not a bricks-and-mortar retailer; how the heck is this going to work?

If there's one thing that Apple has shown that it can do--repeatedly--it's that they can break into new markets in ways that completely circumvent what the current players are doing. NOW, it remains to be seen just how much of that was due single-handedly to Jobs, but I'm well past the point where I'd be surprised if an Apple Car were a hit.

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