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Comment possibly misplaced anger (Score 1) 474

I ride BART several times a week, and completely agree its current state is parlous. However a few factoids (some dredged up from memory as they pre-date the modern internet):

1) Indian Gauge: I have heard the motivation was primarily stability in the event of a major earthquake occurring during e.g. rush hour

2) antiquated controller system: at least one attempt was made to upgrade it, during the 80's. One of the companies was a software contractor Logica (sp?). It was a classic large-systems cluster: over budget, late, never worked, subsequent litigation. I believe the original system used Westinghouse computers and at one time the number of trains during peak hours was limited by RAM exhaustion (measured in KB IIRC, might have still been magnetic core that far back)

3) the current problems have surfaced in part because they waited too long to replace the fleet; new cars not showing up until 2017 and they really were needed a year or two ago.

4) Aside from lack of maintenance (very real), a good argument can be made CapEx has been misdirected. Some alternatives to going south of Fremont that would have been more useful: removing SPOF at Oakland Wye; going out Geary (allegedly the busiest transit corridor in USA without rail); crossing the bay roughly where Dumbarton Bridge is. Alas the funding model for BART (and various intra- and inter-county rivalries) make all these political non-starters.

5) could be worse... consider any sprawly sunbelt city.

Comment get a clue first! (Score 1) 442

You are like someone trying to start a restaurant who is asking the web for advice on the menu when you should be focusing how good the location is and the rent. Your lack of business acumen (even compared to your technical expertise!) is what is going to kill you. Is your idea anything more compelling than getting hits on pages decorated with adsense crap? On the evidence you're going to get fucked either way. LAMP is probably the better bet but if you go into the cloud you'll be paying for those clicks: dearly if only a small percentage are revenue generating. MSFT is not necessarily inferior technically, but it's targeted at Enterprises with deep pockets, not 1-person startups: you will go broke with the up-front costs.

Comment Re:Quite the opposite (Score 1) 397

Don't let me stand in the way of your dislike of Apple... my point was evolving handheld technology tends to become quickly available to all manufacturers, so many spec advantages are transient. As for PowerPC, in retrospect that would be judged a failed strategy. Those machines were never price or performance competitive, and served to marginalize the platform. And all because (legend has it) Intel pissed off Jobs in the 80's and he held the grudge for 20 years.

Comment Re:Quite the opposite (Score 1) 397

The market will decide iPhone vs Android, but there's another reason "specmanship" is pointless. It is a leapfrog game for things like screen size, memory, etc. The Android phones came out nearly half a year later than 3GS... do you really think the next iPhone won't likewise advance? Ditto for RiM, Palm (if they stay in business), etc. For the most part other companies are developing the most fundamental technologies, and handheld manufacturersare just riding the curves.

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