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Submission + - Additional validation requirements after online purchase (

whitedsepdivine writes: Personally, I am very displeased with the new trend of having my purchases delayed online. I probably get it more than others since I travel for work, and ship to a different address from my billing address. Although, when I am trying to get something overnight-ed or expressed delivered and I get that annoying call or email that I have to provide more information it makes me furious. I have missed anniversary dates, and had to provide additional information to someone I really don't know or trust.

Finally I got sick of it and looked for a way out. It may not be the best way yet, but it is a fight against the agencies that are showing up just for these security checks. Additionally, it makes the whole system useless since anyone who is fraudulently using your card could just refer to these Operation Regulations.

Mastercard and Visa have rules prohibiting such additional requirements as requirements for a purchase. Items such as not limited to Social Security Number (or any part thereof), Fingerprint, Home or business address or telephone number, Driver's license number, Photocopy of a driver's license, Photocopy of the Visa Card or Visa Electron Card, and Other credit cards are all not required to make any purchase.

Comment Re:Not a great implementation (Score 1) 214

It's probably easier for us to all learn Morse, and just have a deet da dee deet festival.

I fail to see your logic. You had to memorize a QWERTY keyboard layout and you would have to memorize Morse. You have to learn/memorize something for these inputs. Take Swype [], you have to have the keyboard layout memorized, on top of memorizing what gestures do what. Or even Voice have to have a language memorized/learned to be able to speak it.

Comment Re:I'm gonna go Orwellian on yo ass (Score 1) 49

Its normal for a mobile phone to last a week?? Were you using the thing to call anyone? I had about 6 different models of cell phones (all Samsung) before my current smart phone...I had to charge them at least 3-4 times a week and I barely used those phones for anything more than an alarm clock. I actually miss those days, seeing as my Nexus One only lasts 9 hours.

Comment Re:Isn't Dalvik the base of that as well? (Score 2, Insightful) 377

"MonoDroid applications run with the Mono execution environment. This execution environment runs side-by-side the Dalvik Virtual Machine. Both runtime environments run on top of the Linux kernel and expose various APIs to the user code that allows developers to access the underlying system. Both Mono and Dalvik are runtimes written in the C language."

Comment Are outlets really an issue? (Score 1) 5

I graduated from a University in CS last year and I don't understand your need for such long battery life.

Many of the rooms had outlets handy, some at every chair, others just a few at choice spots where all the nerds camped out. Do you really anticipate that you will be in class 8 hours straight? No breaks between classes to charge your laptop and refuel yourself? Is this also needed for your commute to and from school (perhaps while on a train or bus)? If you are constantly in large rooms (lecture halls?), they typically had outlets underneath every seat.

I went through senior year on an Asus Eee PC 900 that lasted 2 hours at the most, but I typically plugged in seeing as there were outlets everywhere. Usually the rooms without the outlets were the ones that didn't require a computer and the only thing people did on computers was play FarmVille/read Slashdot/troll Digg/whatever instead of paying active attention. This was also my primary laptop and I used it to program my Senior Design project in (not something I would recommend on an Eee PC 900).

I am not putting your want/need for this amount of battery down, but I'm not following why its so important in a laptop making decision.

Comment Re:To appease the most visitors with ease (Score 5, Interesting) 379

When I was developing a Silverlight 2.0 application almost two years ago, we had something similiar to this issue when (I believe) your plugin version did not match the version of Silverlight coded for. More specifically, when Silverlight 3 was available/installed it would complain to us to install Silverlight, when in reality we should have been downgrading to continue supporting our Silverlight 2.0 app.

Comment Re:Handbrake (Score 1) 177

I am not sure what the limitations of the Youtube app are, but this is my experience. Not all videos on the search will display on the Youtube app search. I have a Nexus One with Android 2.2 running Flash and I can see many more videos than Youtube app videos. Also, when my phone asks me if I want to load a video into Browser or Youtube App, the Youtube app will tell me 'This video is not available for mobile devices.' I have seen this happen quite frequently with videos I want to watch.

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