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Comment Re:The good news is... (Score 1) 211

I completely failed. In fact I think I 'Petered Out'.

I bailed on that life, and found an organization willing to match my salary- back down at a developer position.

Kudos to you for realising this. Understanding that you are not suited to a role or position in any organisation (or life for that matter) is an insight that many people in higher positions refuse to accept. Thereby continuing the cycle.

Comment Why not use another medium (Score 1) 334

I see this as an issue with the environment they're using. Currently - the way they are trying to communicate has *way* too many barriers and risks.
In my opinion, the risks outweigh the limited benefits that their "ISP" provides.

So....write a letter. Communicate over snail mail. No viruses, no Nigerian princes trying to dupe your relations out of their posessions.
This of course, is assuming that regular snail mail is not also blocked.

Submission + - DARPA funding memristor based AI (

ma11achy writes: DARPA funding memristor based approach to building a machine that learns, reasons, and even emotes its way to solving problems, the way people do.

From the article:

"So why should you believe us when we say we finally have the technology that will lead to a true artificial intelligence? Because of MoNETA, the brain on a chip. MoNETA (Modular Neural Exploring Traveling Agent) is the software we're designing at Boston University's department of cognitive and neural systems, which will run on a brain-inspired microprocessor under development at HP Labs in California. It will function according to the principles that distinguish us mammals most profoundly from our fast but witless machines."

Submission + - Irish ISP to cut broadband over illegal downloads (

ma11achy writes: From the article:

"Ireland is the first country in the world where a system of “graduated response” is being put in place. Under the pilot scheme, Eircom customers who illegally share copyrighted music will get three warnings before having their broadband service cut off for a year."

Comment Sony's angle (Score -1, Troll) 349

I'm trying to see Sony's angle on this and my opinion is that they're about to drop the entire kaboodle that is the PS3 after failing so miserably against giants like the Wii and the XBox 360.

They don't want the extra work involved in maintaining what is in essence, a virtual machine on their flagging games console.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an anti-PS3 fanboy, it's the only games console I own.

Comment The Mythical Man Month may provide some insight (Score 1) 483

I would advise reading "The Mythical Man Month" by Frederick P. Brooks. It is considered "The Bible" of the human elements of Software Engineering by many. By "human elements" I mean to include your request for information on estimating project time.

Here is a quote from page 20 of the book based on one portion of a software engineering project:

"In examining conventionally scheduled projects, I have found that few allowed one-half of the projected schedule for testing, but that most did indeed spend half of the actual schedule for that purpose. Many of these were on schedule until and except in system testing." (Brooks, 1995)


Brooks, Frederick P. (1995) The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering: Addison-Wesley Professional, p. 20

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