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Comment Our 'attention' is like a muscle (Score 1) 312

If our attention doesn't get regular exercise it withers and becomes weak. You actually have to practice and exercise the attention for it to become strong, it doesn't happen on it's own and it won't happen if you continue to do the opposite of what is require to be attentive, that is, always in a state of distraction. Practicing being attentive does take effort, unlike many of the other activities that present themselves in life as we know it today. I personally find that reading a book that was written at least 100 years ago helps train the attention, any artistic type hobby like painting or sculpting or etc etc. It really is a case of use it or lose it.

Comment Re:Logically only God could have created.. (Score 0) 429

okay so you are playing word games. Is it worth out time. Really? You said there was a vacuum, that IS something, and you said that. If you have nothing then where did the universe and all the miraculous material come from? instead of lying to youself and playing word games try to actually think it through first.

Comment Re:Logically only God could have created.. (Score 0) 429

A vacuum needs a container otherwise there wouldn't be anything to hold the vacuum. Where did the container come from? One of the things that athiests get hung up on is their vision of God as an old man with a beard sitting on a throne looking down and directing us. That imagine misleads people who have no deep knowledge of God, the image describes Gods essential attributes but it's obviously not a perfect way to see Him as all analogy fails at some point. God is of pure Spirit, Spirit is not physical and doesn't come under any of the same laws of physical matter so you can't judge and understand Him by the same laws of the physical universe although His image can be seen within the physical universe as somewhat analogous to His true Being and Character. If you are a true person of science you'll keep the door open for God because within his famework science can explain and help us get a better understanding of Him and help us live better lives (and worse depending), you have to see begin to see everything within the context of a God centered world.

Comment Re:Logically only God could have created.. (Score 0) 429

The evidence is all around us, it's just that our minds and hearts have been corrupted which prevents us from actually seeing the miracle of what we are seeing. No matter what scientific (man centered) argument you or anyone can conjour up it all boils down to one fact that both you and I should be able to agree on: all the matter you see in the physical universe came from somewhere. Now you can believe that is magically appeared from nothing, or you can have faith in God who is our real Father and creator of all things. It doesn't take much to see that a grand designer must have been involved in the creation of all this miraculous work. The other option is that something came from nothing and started designing everything you see including humans, which are a monumental miracle (it's just you don't see it). So even from a probability stand point the creator argument is going to win out. but what is really required is faith.

Comment Re:Logically only God could have created.. (Score 1) 429

For me personally it hasn't always been 'for God' as you put it. All I ask is that you try to have a little objectivity when discussing these topics, you can see the state of open and objective conversation by looking at the my rating for this topic (troll). Belief in God is still very high in the US, many scientists do actually believe in God because they ultimately realise that there is no other realistic possibility. For instance have you ever, or can you concieve of inanimate material creating completely new material from nothing. The idea of that is just so comical that the idea of an Omnipresent God becomes far more reasonable. Its actually an evolutionary process in thinking for someone to go from a materialistic world to a God centered world.

Comment Re:Logically only God could have created.. (Score 0) 429

Nothing obliges the universe to be efficient.

As soon as we move away from the single God/always existed model we end up with a group and chaos. The universe is an orderly universe. Faith is needed. Faith in an Indivisible, All Knowing and Eternal God. Do you honestly believe that you can fully understand the Mind of God? why He created the universe. Why He allows innocent children to die, in at times terrible circumstances. The alternative is (and there is no getting around this) that everything just magically appeared out of nothing all by itself. Hmmm, does that really make any sense to you at all?

Comment Re:Logically only God could have created.. (Score 1) 429

Why are you fixed on some dead inanimate object, formula or idea as the creater of this miraculous universe? Surely it's easier to believe that an infinitely powerful, infinitely knowing being was the creator. At least in that case you could imagine a reason for His Creations. It's not as easy to imagine why some 'quantium fluctuation' decided to fluctuate and build this miraculous universe, along with all its levels of self creating worlds and organisms.

Comment Logically only God could have created.. (Score -1, Troll) 429

something from nothing, or at least the physical from the non-physical. Lets all just admit that there is a single Holy God, who created the physical universe as we know it. He has always, and will always exist in spirit (non physical). For reasons unknowable to us He decided to create the physical universe - logically there is no other possibility.

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