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Comment Re:Same old microsoft (Score 1) 336

Flash runs in Linux.

Except Adobe's already abandoned Flash in Linux, there will only be security fixes during next 5 years and a Chrome implementation. I expect Flash experience to derail in the next couple of years when players start demanding newer Flash version. It will be Chrome's Flash or nothing. I hope the plugin will be useless by then.

Comment Re:I don't believe in a complete iOS-ization (Score 1) 376

A better argument is that this small minority is important since they write software for OS X and iOS, and, at the very minimum, the OS has to be open enough to be used as a development platform. Which certainly makes sense, but could be easily tackled by only providing the "consumer" (i.e. locked down) version on Macs out of the box. The full "developer edition" can either be made available exclusively with high-end models (Mac Pro, MacBook Pro). Alternatively, they could simply make it so that you unlock "developer mode" on the machine if you have an active Apple developer account.

As long as it's possible, I'm fine with it. (I mean, if you don't have to pay $99/year just to have it unlocked...)

Linux GUIs are buggy and I wouldn't like to have to go back.

Linux UI/DEs are generally stable - perhaps not as polished as OS X or Win7, but mostly in minor things, at least so long as you avoid the well-known train wrecks (such as Unity).

Maybe I should write "inconsistent" instead of "buggy". I've experienced all different f***-ups with GNOME 2 and now Unity (I know, I'm asking for it, but GNOME 2 wasn't awe-some, too). I could write a really long rant about all these design & implementation problems but it would be so off-topic I'm going to stop now.

As for support, sadly, I still encounter various Silverlight content on the web, Flash is being phased-out on Linux, AIR already has been - not really important for server usage, but for desktop it's being inconvenient sometimes.

Comment Re:I don't believe in a complete iOS-ization (Score 3, Interesting) 376

It would be really difficult to reliably block terminal access

Why would it be difficult? They can do it in exact same way they did it on iOS, which, after all, is also Darwin-based.

I meant difficult not as in "difficult to implement" but difficult to fit into their whole OS ecosystem. Apple would have to shut down their server flavor, they would have to ditch terminal completely, they'd disable PHP, Apache, X11. They would have to make their OS incompatible with any programming environments as Python, Perl, revision control systems... Finder probably would have to go away (or just be re-implemented so that it can't go into unprotected territories). Their root handling would have to be reimplemented (too easy to hack), etc. It CAN be done but it I doubt they would just ditch it all just in one second (that's why I wrote about 5-6 years which gives about 2 OS X versions; still too small but I'm being cautious). But I may be biased, I have personal interest to believe what I say. ;) Linux GUIs are buggy and I wouldn't like to have to go back.

Comment I don't believe in a complete iOS-ization (Score 1) 376

I don't believe in a complete iOS-ization, at least not for the rest 5-6 years... It would be really difficult to reliably block terminal access which - by definition - bypasses all of Apple's measures like Gatekeeper etc. And for what purpose? It's not that an average Joe is going to play with the terminal anyway, it doesn't harm Apple's business IMO. At least I hope I'm right, it would be sad to have to go back to Linux just after switching to a Mac...

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