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Journal Journal: DARPA Plagarism

To whom it may concern,

It has recently been brought to my attention that patent application number 20070162405, Characterizing and predicting agents via multi-agent evolution describes exactly work I released in the public domain in 1997.

The game in question can be downloaded from:

Although the later versions use much more sophisticated algorithms than those description in this patent, the patent itself describes exactly the work that was released in 1997.

A history of its evolution can be viewed via the news and plans section of the same site. The web archive can also verify that these sites present a true representation of its development.

Any advice you can give or if this email should be directed elsewhere, or if you require anything else from me to stop this blatant plagiarism would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Mark Parker
LTKTBM developer.

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Journal Journal: Police drones take to the skys

In what can only be described as another BBC 'through the back door' news article, it emerged this week the Merseyside poolice have got their dirty little hands on a RC spy drone.
I for one can see a few problems that arn't mentioned in the article. Firstly wind, and secondly, that they should make for quite good target practice.
You can also watch the little creep
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Journal Journal: Neocons. A history of pain

A series of videos on youtube examines the history, mistakes and skewed agenda of the group collectively known as neocons. Highlights the reasons for the links between Bush and Osama Bin Ladin, and shows how America has continuously lied to itself so much, that when it eventually believes its own lies no-one can understand why the facts dont appear to match the believed reality.
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Journal Journal: 21st century computing

Information accessibility is becoming an increasing concern, with current AI technology able to create complete psychological profiles from a few small snippets of information, the 'cold caller' issue takes on whole new meanings, as the ability to extract exactly what someone is thinking becomes increasingly easy can we ever rely on IP technology to convey our thoughts and concerns?

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