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Comment Re: Ready to (Score 1) 280

I'm sure they would rather of said nothing at all, except the typhoons going supersonic kinda attracted attention.

typical classified speak, better say nothing at all than tell the truth and get everybody riled up for war.

At least until the elites decide its time for a war. then they'll say anything to get people excited, even if it's not true.

Comment Re: Ready to (Score 1) 280

aaiui the f35 is designed to fly with drone accompaniment.

the one pilot controlling drones taking on roles like long range comms, target aquisition etc.

impossible to stay stealthy and talk over long range.

so the plane talks with a narrow beam to a drone flying with the plane a few miles away, and any aa targets the drones rather than the f35.

Comment Re: EEE (Score 1) 412

I was going to ppst that steam cant possibly get any worse. But it sounds like you have had a different experience (never used windows store, and zero interest in ever doing so)

How on earth do you use it?
Ive tried 4 or 5 times over the years to get anywhere with it, and every mouse click on the god awful ui seems to take an age to respond.

Comment Re: Microsoft. Spyware. Garbage. Same. (Score 2) 141

actually. they were a highly socialist party.
part of the confusion in calling parties left/right wing.
is the us and uk use left/right wing to indicate how much a party targets its policies to looking after the lower classes (left) and upper classes (right).

and europe uses left/right wing to indicate how authoritarian parties are in implementing policies for the lower classes, since they mostly executed all the upper classes over the years.

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