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Comment Re: Which is more important? (Score 1) 244

This and more is almost certainly already known to the FSB. Its one of the reasons they have been so successful keeping the CIA out of Syria.

Keeping it secret undoubtedly helps he russians more than anyone. but given the lack of love between the FBI and the CIA, they wont have a problem with that.

Comment Re:How so? apk (Score 1) 207

You really cant "harden" any of the old versions of windows though (thousands of zero days knocking around for what are now unsupported systems), and stuff written from earlier than 2007 doesn't really apply to any of the new versions of windows.

While a solid host file is essential (and as you say, there are lots of free ones around now), it wont protect you from material served from hijacked dns, which is fairly common practice now.

Comment Re: Hosts work on Linux & Android (Score 1) 207

this isnt true any more. i had several malvertisers try and push an install of an unknown rpm through chrome before i added the winhelp mvps hosts file to the system. If id been using something like ubuntu instead of an otherwise hardened system they would quite possibly have been successful.

Comment Re: You're obviously illiterate (I said that) (Score 1) 207

a rooted phone is gauranteed to send all your private data to a malicious ip address, wont even use a dns lookup. whats the point in changing the hosts file on a device already hard coded to send everything on the device to the bad guys. why are you recommending android users compromise their device?

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