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Comment Re: Microsoft. Spyware. Garbage. Same. (Score 2) 141

actually. they were a highly socialist party.
part of the confusion in calling parties left/right wing.
is the us and uk use left/right wing to indicate how much a party targets its policies to looking after the lower classes (left) and upper classes (right).

and europe uses left/right wing to indicate how authoritarian parties are in implementing policies for the lower classes, since they mostly executed all the upper classes over the years.

Comment Re: Consequences in Banking/Finance? (Score 2) 115

Im pretty sure that isnt true.

For example. Tomcat (by apache foundation) is he implimentatiom for some of the more widely used java ee specifications. And is based on vanilla java.
And gives jsp and servlets.

There is a version combined with other java ee components (java tomEE). But Looking to see if it was true that tomcat is java ee is the first time Ive heard of it.

Comment Re:Consequences in Banking/Finance? (Score 2) 115

For those not familiar with java EE, who, like me when I first saw this popping up on the tinterwebs thoght this was remotely a java..
"Java EE" IS NOT what anyone familiar with Java would ever really use.

Its more like a mish mash of highly specialized and mostly irrelevant java projects for corporate customers that I very much doubt anyone but the original client is using.

This is not remotely equivalent to the java JDK we are all familiar with.

At least, as far as I can tell. If someone can point me to something in the Java EE suite that "will be missed", I may change my mind that this is anything other than a few big clients kicking up a fuss that they may have to pay developers to work for them.

Also, while I've seen lots of "pulled developers onto other things", there is no mention of what these "other things" are.

We would all benefit from them de prioritizing java EE and instead devoting those resources to javaFX. imho.

ready to be corrected if I misunderstood.

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