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Comment Professional Liability (Score 2) 183

I've heard that one of the main features of getting your Professional Engineer license is that you are then legally liable for your work. Lot of people working in IT with the title "engineer", so why not hold them to higher standards? I can see the point of view from the people who want just that.

Comment Not too impressed (Score 2) 112

It's not too difficult to conceptualize people creating a computer that can design games based upon numerical or statistical elements, such as a deck of 52 cards divided into numbers and sets. Show me a computer than can take a theme (let's say, WWII tactical), create abstract mechanics that reflect playable functionality within that theme (let's say combat rules for historically accurate factions/units/weapons) and then make it fun (Combat Commander anyone?)....well, then I will bow to our new artificial overlords.

Comment Shit like this is why I quit (Score 2) 569

Four years ago I got a copy of the original Bioshock for my PC. I had just moved into a new place and didn't have internet yet, so I decided to install this single-player game for entertainment until I had connectivity. Lo and behold I couldn't install the game, as it required a phone-home. I haven't purchased a computer game since. I've discovered hobby board gaming, which works great in the absence of power and internet connections. The new way of doing things in the world of video games can go eat it's own asshole.

Comment Re:I had the very first issue (Score 1) 78

You are indeed right on target. It WAS propaganda to get you interested in buying their games. I got my NES when it first came out (I even had the damn Robot). I remember playing Duck Hunt and Gyromite at first, and then ignoring it briefly. Then, Nintendo Power came out, and around that time the supermarket in my town started renting movies and games. From that point on I had information and a supplier. All downhill from there! Looking at some of those old covers brings back memories.

Comment Wish it was just as simple as stupid.. (Score 5, Interesting) 366

A friend of mine was renting a room in the house of a lady who lived down the street from me. She had been suckered into a Nigerian 419 scam, was convinced that the people she was communicating with were "Good Christians", and sent them about $30,000. When she took out a loan against her home, her daughters attempted to intervene with the courts to declare her incapable of managing her assets. She ended up losing the house and all her money, and my friend lost his room. She was a nice old lady whose mind was starting to go, and unfortunately was taken advantage of by some cold bastards. Don't mock too hard, it could be someone you love or even you one day.

Comment Inconsistent (Score 1) 702

On my laptop, the last three versions of Ubuntu that I have tried supported my wireless interface out of the gate. On the new 10.04 LTS version, it does not work. And of course, this is just a sampling of the BS I've had to endure when dealing with linux on my personal machine. The main thing I've learned is that if you get something working, turn off updates so that your machine doesn't automagically frack up. Gee, that seems similar to some other system i'm familiar with. Sorry, but I've had zero problems with Win7 and tons of problems with Ubuntu. Linux is great, but not on the desktop. I'm eager to have someone prove me wrong though.

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