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Comment Re:Obama acomplishments (Score 1) 639

I see your score as Insightful. Delusional would be much more appropriate. With a 52% disapproval rating (a whopping 37% strongly disapprove) for someone who crushed the 2008 election and had a lock on Congress for two years you must be smoking some amazingly wacky weed. Maybe you're thinking about how he is so against deep water oil drilling. Oops, no wrong on that one. His admin was the one that decided to grant a special exemption for the Deepwater Horizon rig regarding a legal requirement that it produce a detailed environmental impact study. Oh yes, on a related note gas prices have increased 102% since he took office. Perhaps it's his commitment to getting out of Gitmo. Oops, seems that didn't happen either. Oh, I know government transparency. Funny how they had that closed door meeting about that and are closing off access to documents about it. Wait, wait get out of all our overseas military involvement. I guess we'll get back to that once we're done with our latest Libyan involvement. Yep, head and shoulders.

Comment Not a story.... (Score 4, Informative) 218

This was bought at a computer fair give me a break. Retailers selling returned stuff as new, not a surprise, definitely illegal. Manufacturers pulling it, extremely illegal. I had a friend that bought a "new" external hard drive only to find that it was loaded with someone else's photos, tax returns, etc. We believe that was the manufacturer buying refurb drives to install in the external case. Does that constitute a "new" product?

Comment Scary beyond extreme. Boycott Sony. (Score 1) 306

How is this any different then forcing a library to turn over a list of what I read, what I listened to on CD and what I watched on DVD and Blu-Ray?

What's next? Will they now say give us a list of all people that checked out Sony products at a library so we can get a subpoena to search the patron's home for a copy of whatever was checked out that originated from Sony. This ruling is beyond extremely dangerous.

I've been boycotting buying any Sony labeled products since they pulled that rootkit crap a few years ago. Everyone should. Are Sony components in some non-Sony labeled products sure but they aren't making the same as if they were selling the entire unit. As for countertrolling's comment, as useful as the period at the end of this sentence.

Comment Re:Uh.. no (Score 1) 705

Agreed. Servers should be rebooted periodically. Once every 3 months is a good number. Almost every time we've had a server up for a year or two there were problems bringing it back up up when it went down unexpectedly or for some sort of hardware maintenance. Of course, many of the people that were the sys admins had gone elsewhere and hours went by before they finally figured out some startup script was copied and altered just to get it to come up the last time. Better off scheduling a shutdown and restart when it's convenient.


Obama Calling For $53B For High Speed Rail 1026

Antisyzygy writes "President Obama is calling for $53B to be appropriated for the construction of high-speed rail in the United States over the next 6 years. Assuming Congress approves this plan, the funding would be spent on developing and/or improving trains that travel at approximately 250 miles/hour, as well as spent on connecting existing rail lines to new developed high speed lines."

Comment Re:Which is more realistic (Score 1) 945

That's exactly what it should be, common carrier and one side pays, either the sender or the consumer. It's been the consumer so far as they are requesting the data be sent to them. This is in contrast to cellular service where both sides pay.

No transmission provider should be able to deny sending the data through and there should be no way a data provider should be paying anything more for "faster" lanes. They are already paying to connect to the backbone. I'm the consumer and I decide the speed at which I wish to receive data. Faster, I pay more. It's plain and simple. These ISPs simply want to double charge and that should never happen. I want real net neutrality not what the FCC is calling "net neutrality".

Comment Re:As a programmer (Score 1) 735

Your statement "programmers as production line workers.. and as much as I hate to admit it, there really is truth in that" is about as accurate as your spelling.

There are people called programmers and there are programmers. The former represents the bulk of outsourced programmers and a good amount of local staff, the latter represents the people who actually understand what the designer/business wants/needs and are skilled enough to accurately and efficiently deliver that. They ask questions, they suggest alternatives/enhancements/etc. The former generally produces garbage that falls apart in days after being delivered late while the latter produces a quality product usually on time and on budget.

That's the problem using outsourcing, thinking programmers are like sewing machine operators. It's pretty much a scam in large corporations where all they are interested in saying is "we spent less this year on IT". They ignore the fact that things aren't delivered on time, fail when delivered and the requester has spent a significant amount of time trying to explain what they need, test more times than they should have to, etc. Back in the 70s and 80s IT told the user community what they will get, the late 80s and perhaps up until about 5-10 years ago the users told IT what they expected. Sadly, the 70s are back and the users once again get the shaft frequently getting nothing for their money.

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