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Comment Re:FAQ (Score 1) 134

It has a resistive touchscreen. What's more they're saying they're going for resistive because it's "more accurate" than capacitive and capacitive would be a "step back."

Seems like you never used the N900 touchscreen - it not like the cheap resistive screens on low end phones, but a high quality one. It is just as usable as a capacitive screen for touch and can be used for *very precise* pointing. That's one of the reasons people have been using their N900s for drawing pictures and maps. Try to do that with a normal capacitive screen - it's like trying to draw in boxing gloves.

Comment Re:Blivet? (Score 1) 170

So we're stuck with either "impossible object" or "ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag".

Naming is hard, but it's not *that* hard.

You don't have much experience with data storage management, do you ? It makes much more sense in context. :)

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 170

Um, Blivet GUI is jut a GUI frontend to the existing Blivet storage library that has been there for years (many, many years if you include the time it was part of the Anaconda core). Adding the same functionality to GParted or making GParted use Blivet on the other hand would be one big useless rewrite.

Comment Re:Why not contribute to gparted? (Score 1) 170

It is based on the blivet storage management library:

Which is also used by the Anaconda Fedore/Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer:

And Open LMI:

But it might indeed use libparted to create the actual partitions.

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