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Journal Journal: Slashdot, Real Life and me

August 2004
Why does this stupid thing not show the fucking year??
Must be some kind of wierd nerd humour. Anyway this year turns out much better than the last few. Not only some great games are coming out, I also shifted from Roleplaying games to Computer games! And I even didn't plan to pursue this kind of career. Well ok, the roleplaying stuff got pretty boring without much originals and too much licenses. Cthulhu rocks, making LotR doesn't.

Journal Journal: Meanwhile, on the virtual battlefield

This should be exciting times for a gamer, but they are not. Unreal II came out, and because Unreal I was my first gaming experience with a 3D card, I was awaiting this. Well, like the first part, its more about beautiful sights than a story or gameplay, but what do you expect? It's a shooter so I want to run around and shoot stuff. Ok, forget about the running, its more slendering this time. Anyway, the game left a bad impression, its over quick and there really isn't any point replaying those 8 hours. But, to give it some credits, its the best looking game ever to date. That makes the buy worth it for me.

Also, EA Games released Road to Rome, the first Add-On for battlefield 1942 which isn't as good as expected. On release, they published a patch for the game that introduced a cheat, among other useless stuff. LOL. Now you dont need any extra programms, just fire up a console command and your enemies position are shown to you. And, because this is EA, they didnt pull the patch or released another one quickly afterwards. Instead they signed a deal with DICE, the developer, for making more games in the Battlefield franchise, collectively patting each others back.
They also cut down the copy protection with the patch - it doesnt check for the CD on map change now... wow, great. But they shot themselves in the foot this time, stupid #@$&s. You will just need an installed copy of the game and the CD of the add-on to play and you still can play on all servers. Thats 10-15 bucks for a full working game. Still, we check the CD-drive to see if its an original 10 $ CD. Some things just make me want to bang my head on the table.

Besides the rant, it's a hell of a game, beats even Wolfenstein in multiplayer, tho I like the close way you have to work as a team in Wolfenstein. In Battlefield, you may or may not have some strategic teamwork, but you don't really need the other guys.
There's also some educational in it, at least it got me into researching the real battles that were fought then. Sometimes its scaringly close to reality, I just saw a photo of Monte Cassino and it really looke like in the game. I also gained some more respect to the Allied Army that liberated Europe .. without them, Germany wouldn't be free like it is today. This country never had the urge of personal freedom and independence until the American showed them. I'm thankful for that.

Journal Journal: This network hates my macs

There's a wierd thing going on with my Macs and the router here at the office. I couldn't access a few sites, mainly .org s including slashdot. It worked from all the PCs tho. So I tried everything til I found out it's a problem with the DNS server or the communication between that, the router or the Macs. I finally managed to get the name server to obey by doing a DNS lookup via AGnetTools, and after that, the site also works in the browser. Still it's strange and I don't understand it.
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Journal Journal: Why I hate women

Haven't wrote much because I don't have net at home at the moment. This is such a story, I got to tell you...

I was sharing my appartement with my ex-girlfriend because she finished her uni and started working in a nearby city. Since I have a low income for about another year, I was quite happy about that, since it ment halfing the rent. But she went totally psychobitch (shes a social worker, maybe she has to compensate that at home) and I literally begged her to find a different room for the good of both of us. She's also kind of a telephone addict, and since I only need the phone to connect to the internet, she could have it. I had to pay base costs anyway, so she'd only need to pay what she actually phoned. Good deal, you'd think. But she kept bitching about the bill arriving every month (this happened because by the time she payed her share on the last bill, the next one would arrive a couple of days later) so we ended up paying only every 3 month. Makes no difference anyway. Then August came and she went on vacations ... a trip to Egypt, a trip across the country and a trip to London. No money left to pay the rent that month, but she was always so unnerved I didn't want to spoil her vacations. September she payed both month of her rent, but no money left for the now 3 month of phone bills. I couldn't afford to pay her part of that too, so another month to wait...

October came and shortly after the phone was put off by the company (could still be called) she got her payment and told me that shes going to move out by 1. November and wasn't going to pay anything in October nor the rest of the year. So I had to find a way to get additional money and that took me about 3 weeks. Two days right before I payed everything, the phone went dead and wasn't coming back to life. The phone company told me I'd had to prepay another 250 (as a security, this wont lower the next bills as it is deposited for 9 month) before they put it back on. All the way, they still charged me for a flatrate I couldn't use. When I had that, they put my phone back on, but charged another 50 for that. Still, the net wouldn't work. I asked and they told me that was separate from the phone, so they charged me another 40 but also told me "there aren't any DSL-ports available right now" and I'd have to wait another 2 months til that works again. Well, here I am right now waiting for an excessive online gaming session at january 24th.

And the morale? Don't let any female flatmates mindlessly use your phone (especially any ex-somethings) unless you want to get into trouble and/or be broke.
Also, I think my phone/ISP sucks pretty much.

Journal Journal: Confession

Somebody waved a CD of the Doom3 Alpha in front of my face and I couldn't resist. I really wanted to wait til the game is out but you should know that I use a triple monitor setup at work and all three monitors have a Doom3 screenshot as a background. I own a copy of every Id game since Wolfenstein except Quake2. I pre-ordered Doom3 the day it was officially anounced. So, I don't want warez, I just wanted to see the engine in action. And boy its awesome.
The detail of leveldesign is the same as UT but the bumpmaps really do the trick. It took me some time to find out how to enable the shadows and I got to give kudos to Carmack - the thing never crashed tho I was mindlessly changing parameters.
Some things need some work tho, I hope they change them before releasing: the physics can't compare to UT's Karma Physics - still I see dead monsters lying halfway in the wall and the boxes and stuff that can be affected by shots are too heavy. Framerate crawls when there is more than one monster "activated". The maps aren't very interactive, at least you should be able to shoot the lights out or break the stuff that should break (e.g. glass panes). Well, same stuff as in all computer games.

Journal Journal: Spam tells you the truth

Just a quick sidenote.
I opted in when CDV offered an exclusive opportunity to get the demo of the game Breed. - its like Battlefield 42 with a SF-theme ... a bit what Halo could have been - and since then they send me CDs with their latest demos. Not that I mind the spam, but whenever there is an envelope from CDV in the mail I start to cheer and rush up the stairs to finally play Breed only to discover it's another stupid game they are trying to sell me. First was "Nomads", not a very good game but not bad either. But now they really lost it. I got a copy of "Americas Conquest", an average RTS game where you play spanish conquestadores slaughtering some Mayas. Yeah, sure, hellebardes and arkebusiers against tomahawks and archers. Is this suppose to strengthen my ego or something?
This is bad, really bad...
And you can't even play the Mayas (at least not in the demo). OK, now I know which game I will not buy.
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Journal Journal: War is fun

No rant today, since I'm cut off the net at home, I gotta play single player games for now. And as much as the multiplayer sucks, Warcraft 3s' single player is the bomb. Even after completing the whole thing twice (except the crappy zombie-campaign) I find the story interesting, the dialogues carried out well, the graphics nice and the game still challenging.
Especially if you like mapping for sp or coop like me. Until my next masterpiece is finished, I'll keep trying to finish the last map of the game on hard. Jeez, I'm glad I didnt install the latest patch yet as it seems to tone the already poor Elves down and makes the undead even stronger. How the heck am I supposed to survive 45 minutes then if I can't do it now? My best yet was 2 minutes 22 seconds left, but I'll continue the zombiesmashing until I beat that map. It's just too much fun.

Journal Journal: Ownage!

UT2003 is finally out in Europe! Got my copy on Wednesday :)
Ahh sweet memories of me and my brandnew G4 playing UT religiously for ... it must have been years. I stopped when I could beat any bots, but realised than with my modem, I'll never be any good online. When I got DSL, I just tried it again and owned so much that everybody called me a cheater.
Now, my gaming machine is an Athlon 1800+ with a Geforce3 Ti on DSL, but UT just doesn't bite me like it used to do. Its nice and all, but I feel a bit playing the old stuff over and over again with some very very polished graphics. Heck, they didn't even exchange any weapons but the pistol, which is now a Halo-like rifle. No more Ripper ... and the sniper gun is fubar. The only really good thing I can think of is that forestmap. Now, thats what I call innovative layout and design. Besides, it's just beautiful :-)

Journal Journal: Battlefield

I decided to start my journal - now that its possible for me to log on with my mac at work - for the times I get bored. This may be a good place for my rants when I don't want to troll forums.

So here's my rant of the day:
Gamers can be such assholes. Put out a demo with a few bugs and they will tear the game apart, stomp it and never look at it again. On the opposite, they can ignore major bugs and forgive even the shittiest publishing strategies if they like the game.

I'm especially talking about Battlefield 1942. This game must have the most awful copy protection scheme I've ever seen. Not only it requires the CD to startup (praise Id Software for more intelligence) but it checks the CD every freaking time the map changes. I refuse to believe DICE, the developer, invented this and blame it all on EA Games. May they burn in Hell. I didn't pay 45 to get my gaming time stolen, suckers. It works like this: switch to the desktop, start an ominous app, spin up the CD, see that its indeed still the BF1942 CD, switch back, connect to the server and start loading the map.
As you can guess, this takes some time, but we're not finished yet. Due to poor programming this procedure takes longer every time. It's actually faster to quit and restart BF because it doesn't do this the first time you connect to a server. Also, loading a map takes long enough to take a leak, get something to eat AND setup some coffee.

By the time I'm in the game, the first round is halfthrough.

I'll not even talk about the bugs in the game now...

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