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Comment Re:Spotify (Score 2) 151

If you are an artist that no one listens to, what did you expect to get, seriously? If you produce good music that people like to listen to you also get good revenue. (and please don't drag "but music is shit now and it was better before" or "mainstream music is for idiots, indies rock" in to this, they are doing worse everywhere)

Comment Spotify (Score 4, Insightful) 151

Spotify is actually an awesome service. For a few years it has almost completely stopped music piracy in scandinavia and in other european countries. Now instead of sending each other mp3 files as file transfer people are just pasting spotify links in IM conversations here. It's something music companies should be proud of, and help it grow even more.

Comment Re:How do you protect your mobile phone (Score -1, Troll) 238

If you really want those on your phone, then iPhone or some Windows Phone 7 device would be good for you. They are up-front secured by the both companies. Not that there isn't any security problems (like the iPhone remote exploit "jailbreaking"), but in general they're much more secure than Android.

Comment Re:Awwwww GRITS! (Score 2) 51

What I found stupid, even about the title, was blaming Chinese for it. Gee, I'm pretty sure every hacker stealing 35 million peoples info will connect directly to the target server! I mean, no hacker would ever think of using a Chinese proxy because they're taking so much shit for all the other things too. But of course it's chinese hackers.

Comment In-Game Purchases (Score 1) 54

It's all about the in-game purchases. Valve has figured it out with TF2, and in a way that doesn't still bring down gameplay for those who choose not to buy items. Korean market was really bad with this, but at least it's done better here. Offer a base game for cheap, and then offer extra if people want it. That way everyone wins - the players who want more will get it, and the companies have more constant revenue stream and reason to create more content.

Comment 4chan (Score 0, Troll) 169

Like the article states, Hasbro makes more money with the merchandise than the actual show now, so that's why they dont care. And the people posting those ponies are really in pain in the ass. On the forums I visit there's only a few of them, but they're all some 4chan idiots who also like to watch anime and post sad threads about their lost teenage years. Then they go on and spam ponies. What better way to go destroy brand name than annoy tons of people with it, even if it's only done by some idiots thinking it's fun.

Comment Re:Gnome (Score 3, Interesting) 212

I've always liked the KDE interface better anyway. It seems more professional (even back in the 90's) while Gnome has always been somehow "childish". And this was even before Unity-time.

Comment Re:I wonder.... (Score 3) 71

What part of the summary, article or my post did you not understand? This is similar to newspapers posting information about crimes and maybe some relevant pictures and asking public for tips. It has nothing to do with datamining or violating your privacy on Facebook. FB is just the medium used to post that information and ask tips from public because like it or not, it's used by hundreds of millions of people and reaches people better than newspapers.

Comment Re:I wonder.... (Score 5, Informative) 71

They aren't filtering anything or violating personal privacy. They're posting information and pictures on their page so that people can visit it (or see updates on their facebook status updates) and leave information if they know something about it. This all has been possible and done before, but now they're just using tools that are more accessible and relevant in the current generation. It's refreshing and good to see, actually.

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