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Submission + - Outsourcing IT - Smart Grid (

Mike F.... writes: The Salt River Project out of Phoenix Arizona is readying an RFP to outsource all IT Infrastructure and Data Center jobs in an effort to save money over the next five years. US jobs are being lost to India, China, and South America. This "Global Market" is impacting yet another company. What isn't being talked about is how SRP is also in the process of applying for hundreds of millions in stimulus dollars for Smart Grid technologies and various other IT projects. Here our government is handing over money to a quasi-governmental organization so they can fund outsourcing their jobs overseas. Not only should we be worried about outsourcing additional American jobs but how about the Security of the Nation's Grid? How about a company taking tax payers money while moving jobs overseas? There is always a half truth behind every news report like the one below. They have every intention of outsourcing all of IT not matter how they spin it with the media.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 209

i work at a network hub for the army, and we have a sun server that runs part of the satellite comms. when the current company's contract expires, and GD takes over, everything's going to windows. in my last unit, the unix box we were using for battlefield awareness got replaced by a server 2003 box. *nix/everything except windows is slowly going away as time goes on.

Comment Re:New religion (Score 1) 324

Except for the whole killing people thing.

Except for that I work on computers as a network admin.

And the fact that you willingly submit to be a tool. And these days it is the wedge, the simplest of tools that is needed and used by the corrupt shenanigans of the coporate controlled interests. Happy soldiering moron!

As true as being a tool may be, it's not in the context that you would think of. Also,

3. Calling people morons usualy reflects more on you than it does them.

1. They never said which army they were in. 2. They never said if they joined or were drafted.

1. U.S. Army
2. Joined - for some people it's one of the best options ... experience plus money for college.

Well, you can certainly relate then, with having someone control when you eat, sleep, shit, and work (mostly the latter, I'm guessing). Applies more to basic than anything else, I suppose (I haven't been in the military, so I'm merely postulating). It's a voluntary sacrifice you make for the sake of having a disciplined army...but civilians should not be forced into that kind of rigid, Spartan heirarchy of nearly absolute submission to authority, and nor should you once you're out of the armed forces.

Thanks, that's pretty much the exact point I was trying to make. It's not as bad as most people would think, but it is bad. And for all you people out there that won't grab your balls and serve your country I don't want to hear it.

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