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Comment Re:Flying Car (Score 1) 712

The only problem with all of that is that the internet exists now.

Why is all this meat flying around? If it's imperative I have a meeting with someone on the other side of the planet in 6 hours then I'll go home, fall asleep, wake up, and skype them. All at much lower cost than what any aircraft can do.

Current air transport serves the "actually gotta be there" need. The internet serves the "meeting has to happen now" need. Obviously the people who need both of those things present too small a market to make supersonic air transport worthwhile.

Comment Re:This will never happen. (Score 1) 183

There's considerable speculation that Rudd & Co may not care if they can't get support from independents and minor parties.

With the opposition in disarray they may use one of these failed laws as a trigger for a double dissolution election.

If that happens then they may stand to gain more seats and we'll be in the same position we were with the last term of the Howard govt where they have a majority in both houses and can push through whatever nonsense they like.

Comment Re:Put on the fire-retardant suit, it's flame-time (Score 1) 567

Or you could just put the cd that came with the motherboard into the computer and let it install the drivers. I'm not entirely certain how the FUD about how difficult it is to install a driver in windows really helps the image of linux. I'm assuming 90% of what you said is a joke but even the remaining 10% is kind of stupid.

United States

Submission + - US to create Stormtoopers (ninemsn.com.au) 1

Platinumrat writes: Picked this up from NineMSN. "The soldier of the future will be a drug-enhanced, gadget-equipped fighting machine with a powerful "exoskeleton" straight out of science-fiction, according to US defence officials." My question is will they be trained to jump in front of blasters, like in the movie

Submission + - North Korea conducts nuclear test (reuters.com) 5

viyh writes: "North Korea conducted a nuclear test on Monday, South Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted a ruling party official as saying.

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake was recorded by the USGS in North Korea.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has called an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers over the test, Yonhap said."


Canadian Bill C-416 to Require Wiretapping 228

Matthew Skala writes "Bill C-416, recently introduced in the Canadian Parliament, would if passed require Internet providers to provide wiretapping facilities to law enforcement — without a warrant, and with 'confidentiality' requirements reminiscent of the secret-spying cases we've seen recently in the States. This new Act is a reprise of last Parliament's C-74, which failed when the Government's term ended. Coming back as a Liberal "private member's Bill" in a minority government, it will have little chance of success without cross-party support; but with the Conservatives in charge, all bets are off if they can find a way to claim it's about terrorism or child pornography."
The Internet

FCC Votes Yet Another Study of Net Neutrality 102

yuna49 writes to let us know that the US Federal Communications Commission last week announced a Notice of Inquiry (PDF) into: "...the behavior of broadband market participants, including: (1) How broadband providers are managing Internet traffic on their networks today; (2) Whether providers charge different prices for different speeds or capacities of service; (3) Whether our policies should distinguish between content providers that charge end users for access to content and those that do not; (4) How consumers are affected by these practices." eWeek reports that the study is targeted at whether broadband providers are treating some content providers more favorably than others. Distinctly absent is any discussion about port filtering or other restrictions on Internet usage. The two Democrats on the Commission pressed for a broader "Notice of Rulemaking" to move more quickly towards a policy of non-discrimination. The Republican majority ignored these arguments and voted for an Inquiry, to which the Democrats acceded.

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