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Comment Re:More reasont to give up hope on a good dumb pho (Score 1) 247

Once it has all that, there's virtually no cost to adding the other stuff.

What I'd like to see is a basic phone with large buttons, a small basic screen for call display and a minimal phone book. Make it built like a tank, along the lines of the old AT&T rental phones.

A phone that is ONLY a phone.

Comment Re:Real Soon Now (Score 1) 252

Not entirely true. Some businesses have a yearly cycle, and you lose money for long stretches of the year, only to make it up during your busy season.

Typically businesses lose money for their first few months of operation.

There are also businesses that spend more than they make, but rely on appreciation of core assets to ultimately make money; real estate investments can have costs higher than their income, but the appreciation of the real estate over time can make the investment pay off when the property is sold.

Rule #1 in business is to have an exit strategy that results in a profit from investment would be a better way of putting it.

Comment Give me my iphone and I could ace it (Score 1) 741

Could I pass it? Yes, assuming that I had an iphone with me. There's nothing there that requires anything more than either access to a web browser or rote memorization. I'm pretty sure that current testing requires more application of intelligence; taking knowledge and applying it than this test of the ability to memorize data and regurgitate it.

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